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Valle Soleada, California and the X-S-E.

The motorcyle trip led Gambit and Rogue to Valle Soleada, California, where they moved into a beach house together. Rogue took a leave of absence so that she and Gambit could spend quality time on their relationship, without the pressures of being Xmen.

The Xavier School for Gifted Children had been revealed to exist. And with that, the world now knew that there were more mutants than they would have liked, and that mutant communites were on the rise. Genosha was annihilated and only a handful of mutants survived.

Gambit still helped out Storm's team. Gambit and Storm infiltrated "The Texas Whitehouse" to eavesdrop on the World Summit regarding the future of mutantkind, using disguises of a James Bond film (Pierce Brosnon, Halle Berry in "Die Another Day" - 2002). The World Summit decided a global security protocol was needed to determine which mutants were weapons of mass destruction.

Gambit was also helping Storm to continue to rehabilitate from her injuries that were sustained in the fight with Kahn (Romancing the Gemstone). Gambit and Storm share a kiss to boost Storm's confidence; Gambit states it was just a kiss and that Rogue has his heart.

The Governing powers decide to grant Storm her strike force: The X-treme Sanctions Executive, X-S-E. While Storm and Gambit are negoitating with the government, Rogue and the rest of the XXM were dealing with mutant and non mutant uprisings - and we are introduced to Elias Bogan, mutant predator. Bogan has control of a telepath to help him, and he possesses the drug "Rave" to entice mutants to help him.

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