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Gambit's powers return

Gambit and Rogue were still powerless, and the XXM were staying at Rogue's Beach house. Bogan is a mutant predator and had targeted the Xtreme Xmen team. He had taken Bishop and amped his powers with Rave. The team split up to attack Bogan. Gambit, Cannonball and Sunspot were the team sent to take Bishop and the telepath helping Bogan. Gambit did defeat Bishop on his own without powers, but was defeated by the telepath that Bogan had control over. Bogan's telepath now controlled Bishop, Cannonball, Gambit, Sunspot. Bogan believed himself to be in control, however Gamibt conned Bogan and was not under his control. The team attacked Bogan. They rescued their teammates and Rachel Summers from Bogan's control, and Bogan's house was destroyed.

With Elias Bogan defeated, the team headed back to the beach house to recharge. Storm had returned and presented them with the deal she'd struck with World's Great Powers for her team to assume official and global sanction as the Xtreme Sanctions Executive (X-S-E). They were Marshals now. Magneto had attacked New York City. Val Cooper calls the XSE to go to Xavier's and help the other Xmen. (Magneto laid siege to the island of Manhattan, killing untold humans between New X-Men #147 to #150. Phoenix was killed by Magneto).

Before leaving for New York, Rogue pulls Sage aside to talk. Sage appears to know what Rogue wants, and wonders why it took her so long to ask.

Rogue made her and Gambit's bedroom all romantic. While Gambit would never miss an opportunity to have relations with Rogue, he thought that this might not be the right time. Rogue kissed him anyway, and Gambit noticed that it was not Rogue kissing him. It was Sage, and she had used her power to jump start his. Gambit's powers then returned. Gambit and the others travelled to the Xavier's Mansion to join the rest of the Xmen.

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