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On His Own II

Gambit went to New Orleans to do a job, his return did not go unnoticed. He met up with his old friend Dan Down who was watching his apartment. Dan claims that cards talk to him. Dan tries to warn Gambit that something bad is coming and that the cards told him. Remy doesn't listen and goes out on the town to meet his employer. He was hired to steal a mystical set of tarot cards for Lili Penrose. Orlean Cooper, a mutant and owner of Club Orleans wants the same deck of cards and was going to hire Jack Jessup for the job until he saw Gambit was in town. He paid Jessup for his trouble and said he would not need him.

Gambit met up with Madame Camille D’Aubigne and her daughter Genevieve at her shop. Madame Camille and Gen hacked into various computer systems to gain information in order to blackmail people. Remy wanted information on the house he planned on stealing the cards from. Remy was unaware that the house belonged to Lili's uncle, Morgan Penrose. Morgan is an amateur occultist. Madame Camille provided the information but required a favor in return from Gambit. Payment was a disk from Stark International.

Gambit enlisted Dan's help for the heist. Lili was at the house when Gambit breaks in, and after a brief tete-a- tete with Lili in her room, Gambit emerged to get back to work. He stole the cards and found Dan groggy, he was then electrocuted by Jack Jessup. Jessup took the cards and made sure the heist would be blamed on Gambit. Morgan Penrose was furious regarding the theft and asked Orlean Cooper for help, Cooper stated he was a businessman and could not help. However his assisant Alphonse may be of service. Dan discovered through reading cards that Jessup was behind their mugging. And Gambit left to find Jessup. Dressed in disguise he was able to pick Jessup's pocket easily and regain the cards. Gambit and Dan walked the streets of New Orleans and ran into Alphonse and friend Stone. Gambit charged the tarot cards, but nothing happened. Remy got his butt handed to him by Alphonse and Stone. Dan escaped to Gambit's apartment and grabbed a deck of cards that gave him the Xmen Mansion number. He called the mansion and Wolverine answered the phone but did not hear anyone at the other end of the line. Dan was strangled by Jessup before he say anything.

Stone tortured Gambit and Alphonse delivered the cards to Orlean Cooper. Wolverine arrived and sliced up Stone. Remy thanked both Camille and Wolverine, but was saddened by the news of Dan Down's death. Gambit wanted revenge and wanted Wolverine's assistance. They disguised themselves as fellow Xmen and tore up the New Orleans underworld. Alphonse believed the entire Xmen team were on his tail, and gave the cards back to Gambit and asked for forgiveness. Gambit knocked him out and planned on revenge for both Cooper and Jessup.

Lili had Gambit in mystical shackles and was preparing to eat his heart. She wanted to know what happened to Cooper and Jessup. Cooper was a demon and was going to use the cards on the other demons, but the cards were fake, and one of the two other demons scorched Cooper who vowed revenge on Jessup. Cooper was convinced it was Jessup who had switched the cards. Camille convinced Remy to warn Jessup. They fought, he delivered the warning and left Jessup to his demise. Lili killed her uncle Morgan and planned on killing Remy. The cards known as Inficio Aquilus would have made her very powerful. Lili plunges a dagger into his chest but the dagger bends. She ripped open his shirt thinking he was wearing Kevlar, but found one of the cards stuck to his chest. The card burned her eyes out and bubbled up her skin. Remy explained that he had Wolverine test out the cards, since Wolverine had a healing factor, his eyes would grow back. Gambit then informed her that he and the X-Men would destroy the cards, or at least render them useless. Lili tied to attack him, but he knocked her out. As he left the Penrose house the police were outside waiting, they informed him that he was going with them. Gambit had other ideas. (Gambit 2nd solo issues 1-6).

Emery Arcenaux had the power to create force fields and hurl concussive blasts of energy. He was fed up with life in general in the swamps and wanted better. His Aunt did not approve of his new path.Gambit was questioned by detectives regarding the Penrose house events and recent killings in New Orleans. The police had nothing on Gambit and were forced to let him go. Detective Noreen Tanaka offered to give him a ride to the St. Louis Cemetery, but decided to take a detour first to a bank where Emery Arcenaux was committing bank robbery. Emery Arcenaux and Remy fight in the bank, Remy told Emery that the Xmen could help and convinced Emery to power down. Detective Tanaka kills Emery. The Detective played the part of not meaning to kill Emery. She gave Gambit and ride to the cemetary, and told him that she planned on killing Emery, she ripped up Gambit's police file and implied he owned her a favor. Remy payed his respects at Dan Down's grave site. Emery's Aunt called upon the magic of voodoo to bring Emery back to life as well as all the others dead people in St. Louis Cemetary.

The voodoo magic worked as Emery and the others from St. Louis Cemetary rose from the grave and began walking the streets of New Orleans. Brother Voodoo was fending off the undead while Remy was in a restaurant with Ginny (Genevieve D’Aubigne), she had made it clear that she had feelings for him and he did his best to let down, that there was another girl for him. She thought it was Tanaka, she had seen the cop kiss Gambit which he assured her was instigated by the cop and she was aware of the tete-a-tete with Lili Penrose. A zombie broke up the conversation and Remy joined Brother Voodoo in fighting the undead. Ginny was angered by Remy's rebuff and made a video disk of his tete-a-tete with Lili Penrose.

Emery chased Gambit and Brother Voodoo, and he still had use of a force field, which made killing him much more difficult. Remy saved Emery’s aunt, Antoinelle (she had cast the voodoo spell). Tanaka planned on having Brother Voodoo and Gambit do her dirty work of killing Antoinelle and sent them to the Bayou where she lived. They fought zombies the entire time. Remy saw Detective Tanaka about to shoot Antoinelle, and destroyed her pistol with a charged card. Remy saved her a second time. Antoinelle hugged her son (Emery) and said she was sorry for everything and released her power over the zombies. Tanaka still wants to bring her in, but Remy told her she would look foolish in court. All of the dead are laid to rest again. Ginny mailed the tape of Remy and Lili to Rogue at the X Mansion. Another copy was sent to Remy's ex-wife Belladonna.

Remy Lebeau was now back at the mansion. Kitty Pride is lecturing three students about the morals of stealing and used Gambit as an example of thief who has made a turn for the better. (The students had stolen an exam.) She leaves the students under Gambit's supervision and before he could have declined, he was now stuck with them. He was at the mansion to retrieve the disc Ginny sent to Rogue.

Gambit's students (Eugene, Quill and Winston) steal the disc for him. Rogue never sees the tete-a-tete of Gambit and Lili. Gambit was on a heist, met up with Belladonna who has moved on with a thief named Bandit. Detective Tanaka was obsessed with Gambit. Bandit wanted to take over the guilds and Tanaka gives him the weaponry needed to kill Gambit so that he can reign over the guild. The guild has tried this before unsuccessfully, however with a truck full of weapons, they decided to try again. Bandit had put a price on Gambit's head and the entire guild is out to kill him. Bandit was using Belledonna to get to the top of the guilds, Remy left a disc proving his this claim for Belle. The guild confronts Belladonna, Gambit and Bandit. The guild turns on Bandit and he's forced to help Remy and Belle. They defeat the guild and Tanaka, and gift wrap them for the police department. The guild is no more, Belle is on her own, and Bandit leaves. Remy asked Camille to watch over Belle and Ginny developed a crush on Brother Voodoo. Belladonna still loves Gambit. While she is trying to move on, she still loves him.

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