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Golgotha was a being that preys on people's fears and demons. Golgotha's size gets bigger as it feeds off fears. Golgotha can be a small as a pea and can grow to very large size.

There were several incidents where people and mutants were killing each other. Golgotha drove these people insane and they killed each other or themselves. The Xmen went to investigate. Once the Xmen returned from their investigation, they because to search for Golgotha, Emma Frost locked down the mansion and the team was quarantined.

The team split up to search the manions, Gambit and Rogue searched the tunnels below the mansion. Gambit makes a smart remark about what are they feeding the students. Wolverine was in the tunnel as well. All of the Xmen started to feel the effects of Golgotha. Wolverine attacks Gambit and Rogue breaks it up by draining Wolverine's energies. Gambit becomes angry and stays he doesn't need her help and he can take care of himself. He tells Rogue that he is glad they can not touch and that it is him saying this and not Golgotha. ‘I’m thankful that we’re non-tactile pretend lovers’. Rogue knows its Golgotha's effect. Gambit points out that not being able to touch is the only thing that keeps them together, that its the thing that keeps the spark between them going. With out that, they would be bored with each other. ‘You’d just be another one night stand’. Wolverine recovering from Rogue's touch says when he gets his strength back he will hit Gambit. Remy walks away from Rogue and Wolverine and tells them he will leave them along, he's always known that they had a thing for each other. ‘You make the perfect couple - the old letch and the maiden’.

Gambit was in the tunnel alone and wonders what he just said and what has he done. He tells himself to think straight. He asks himself if he really loves Rogue. And thinks how much easier it would be without her. A life with a normal mutant girl, once he could touch and have sex with. He tells himself to face it, he doesn't love Rogue and she probably doesn't love him either. He sits down on the ground leans his head back and his eyes roll back slightly. He thinks Rogue doesn't even know what love is, that her inability to touch has make her stunted her emotional development. He thinks she is trapped in kindergarden, ‘It’s puppy-dog love. Make-believe romance’. A shadow appears and spreads across Gambit's face, he's hallucinated seeing Sinister and started shadow boxing.

They finally found Golgotha on the X-jet, it had grown in size to cover the jet. They destroyed it.

The Government informs the Xmen that a Golgotha storm is on the way toward earth. They go into out space to stop it. The Xmen are all suited up and Remy has ball bearings in his hands instead of his trademark cards. Rogue wonders why he would decide to go into battle with ball bearings. He tells her that he will be working with Iceman and that it will make sense. He tells Rogue that the mission will be dangerous and that he'd hate to go out there with a cloud hanging over them. Rogue asks him if he was saying he's sorry but Remy states how can he be sorry for something he didn't mean to say. Rogue replied that the words came from somewhere. Remy then asked Rogue about the kiss she had with Wolverine, where did that come from. Rogue tells Gambit to take care and they press their lips up to the space suit helmets.

The Xmen defeated Golgotha and return home.

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