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Any Port in a Storm

Remy an' Stormy!Sometime after the Morlock Massacre, he came to the rescue of a de-aged Storm, who was on the run at the time from the Shadow King and then Nanny. Gambit seemed to think he knew who she was, although her youth took him back, and it might have been due partially to a self-imposed penance that he stood by her so fiercely. Over time, Gambit and Storm became very good friends.

Upon meeting Storm, Gambit's life changed as he hooked up with the X-Men, sort of unofficially joining the team around Uncanny X-Men #273 and tried to forget his past and atone for it with them. He later referred to himself as an X-Man by default not desire.

Rogue Hearts

Along the way, he fell deeply in love with fellow X-Men team mate, Rogue, despite the fact that he was unable to touch her due to her uncontrolled mutant power to absorb anyone's psyche, memories and strength on skin-to-skin contact. (For a detailed analysis and look at the Remy\Rogue relationship, go to our Gambit\Rogue History.)

Gambit the X-Man

During this time with the X-Men, Gambit fought and risked his life with the X-Men against numerous foes including the Kree, the Shadow King, Magneto, Omega Red, the Brood, Mojo, Strife, Sabretooth, the Phalanx, Legion and Apolcalypse. And despite being accused by his time-lost teammate Bishop of being the future traitor of the X-Men, Gambit stuck with them, gradually earning his place.

Belladonna DiesHe returned to the Big Easy with Bella Donna, only to seemingly see her die. After seeing his brother killed as well, he returned again to find that Bella Donna had not been killed after all, but had been maintained instead in a state of limbo by her likewise resurrected brother, Julien. He was able to obtain the Elixir of Life needed to resurrect her as well. Because he obtained the Elixir by stealing it from the Guild benefactress, Candra, his ties with his Guild became more strained as he lost the Guild's relationship with her. He left New Orleans again and returned to the X-Men.

Along the way, his relationship with Rogue solidified. While hints about his past were made, nothing came of them and their relationship grew stronger. It wasn't until they thought they were dying, however, (due to Legion killing Xavier in the past and changing history to the incorrect AoA timeline) that Rogue finally took the opportunity to kiss Gambit and his dark past started becoming a bigger issue for the X-Men.

During the altering of the normal timeline with the Age of Apocalypse, Gambit was leading his own thieving band against Apocalypse and was heavily involved in helping to correct the timeline back to the way it was suppose to be.

Rogue don't want no (Gambit in) scrubs!When time returned to normal, Rogue had absorbed Gambit's memories in the Negev Desert. Through the kiss they'd shared, she learned of the terrible event with Sinister in Gambit's past that he kept as his most closely guarded, shameful secret. Gambit went into a coma due to the effects of Rogue's touch and Rogue ran away from the X-Men in turmoil over what she'd learned, but she didn't fully know or tell anyone what it was exactly.

Once Gambit regained consciousness, she forgot or refused to remember the specifics. Gambit was afraid of his friends learning what he'd done and risked his relationship with Rogue, something very important to him, in order to try to keep this secret in X-Men #45. He obviously felt incredible guilt over the event and, once brought to the forefront again, was seen brooding over it from time to time.

At the time, the X-Men had known that Gambit had secrets. They were aware of Bishop's accusations and Rogue's flight, but it didn't seem to really concern them then. They appeared to trust Gambit, at least somewhat, and seemed to have faith that everything would turn out alright if they left him to it.

During this time with the X-Men while Rogue was away, Sabretooth escaped the mansion where he was being held in hopes of helping him change his ways and Onslaught began making his presence known. An evil doppleganger Beast from AoA joined the team disguised as the real Beast and more was hinted at concerning Gambit's involvement with Sinister. Onslaught was revealed to be of the X-Men's mentor, Charles Xavier, influenced by his attack on Magneto's mind, and it was proven that Gambit was not the x-traitor as Bishop had thought due to a recording he'd seen in his own time showing that it was Professor Xavier himself that was the "traitor" spoken of there.

Rogue and FauxJoeRogue returned with what appeared to be a de-aged, amnesiac Magneto calling himself "Joseph" and generally ignored Gambit. Hurt, Gambit wavered between being envious and jealous of Joseph and the attention Rogue was now showing him, and understanding the regrets of a dark past and wanting to help and support Joseph. Gambit was also wary of Joseph, causing further problems with Rogue and Joseph himself.

Gambit, Rogue, Beast, Joseph, and Bishop were then suddenly whisked off into space to battle the Phalanx for the Shi'ar. During the battle, Rogue was captured by the Phalanx and almost totally overcome by them. Thinking she was about to die, she admitted she loved Gambit deeply and always had. Gambit had also been captured by the Phalanx, but was able to escape, using her distraction, and rescued her.

Later, after seeing a massacre of Shi'ar, Gambit was again reminded of his past and his guilt deepened before they left to return home.

The trip home did not go as planned, however. Abruptly and mysteriously returning to Earth without Bishop, the small group of X-Men and two bounty hunters looking for Gambit were captured by Magneto's Nanny robot in one of his citadel caverns in Antarctica.

Left somewhat alone and without their powers, Gambit and Rogue had a chance to talk and reconciled. With their powers negated by Nanny, they also were able to physically express their love for each other for the first time, although it is not known to what extent.

As of Uncanny X-Men #350, Gambit and the X-Men's relationship effectively ended for a time. A few X-Men, including Rogue, attended "the Trial of Gambit". The Trial was arranged and controlled by Eric the Red - in this incarnation, apparently a disguise for Magneto, despite the X-Men's belief that Joseph is the real Magneto.

Gambit in the snow. Without a shirt. OuchCapitalizing on the confusion, Gambit's self-hatred, the emotions of the X-Men, and selective information, Eric the Red crucified Gambit for his involvement with Sinister and the Morlock Massacre. During the quick, kangaroo court, Rogue was forced to again kiss Gambit and somehow made to reveal his long-held secret past. Her absorption of his powers, however, allowed her to break them all free however and an emotional Rogue rescued Gambit, only to recant her love for and trust in him. She left him in Antarctica during the X-Men's escape from Magneto's citadel.

After the abandonment, Gambit's exact whereabouts were unknown for a time, although it is assumed that the second Gambit LS took place after Uncanny X-Men #350.

In that LS, Gambit had an adventure about religious redemption. It took place in Miami, Florida and guest-starred New Orleans voodoo priestess Tante Mattie, Catholic priest Marcello Vega, nun Sister Katrina, fallen angel Anielle, and the devilish Oliver Stoker.

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