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Some months after Gambit's trial, and after a large exodus of many of the X-Men from the team, Storm and Shadowcat, who had rejoined the X-Men after the breakup of Excalibur, ventured to Seoul, South Korea, in response to request from Black Tom Cassidy for a thief's help. Upon their arrival , they learned that Juggernaut was in dire need of someone to steal another jewel from the Cytorrak worshipers because it had been used to rob him of his power and soon his life.

And whosoever seizes the crimson jewel of Cyttorak...However, Kitty and Storm were not the only thieves out to aquire the jewel. Along the way, they were assisted in stopping the rampaging Juggernaut by the exiled Gambit who then agreed to work with them in their quest to find the jewel as he had been contacted to obtain it himself. At first, Gambit only agreed that he would help until the jewel was found and then it was every thief for themself, but he fought along side Kitty and Storm the entire time, and though he was left in possession of the jewel, he returned it to Juggernaut instead of leaving with it.

During the adventure, Ororo expressed hurt over Gambit not contacting her and remorse over the X-Men's reaction after the trial. Upon finding that Gambit had lived up to her expectation of him as a hero in returning the jewel, she asked that Remy return to the X-Men to at least work out the relationships and feelings that were left unresolved instead of letting them fester from distance. Gambit agreed she was right and decided to return with her and Kitty to the X-Men.


The New Son Glowing Like the SunHowever, Gambit was cagey about revealing the manner in which he managed to survive and escape Antarctica. Namely, he was saved from Antarctica by a person calling themself the New Son (Gambit #1). The New Son wished to be repaid for this favor by having Gambit steal things for him that the X-Men might not approve of (even though they should have some responsibility for placing Gambit in this position in the first place).

Gambit had been told these thefts are for the benefit of mutants, but is not completely convinced while still feeling obligated to repay the debt if he can. So until he was sure what the truth is, he didn't want to involve the X-Men because of a problem he considered his obligation due to his belief that he brought all his problems especially the massacre and the subsequent trial on himself.

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