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Key Issues

Although our appearance list provides comprehensive coverage of (almost) every comic and novel in which Gambit has featured, it can be bewildering to a new fan who wants to buy just the issues that mark key moments in Gambit's evolution as a character. In this section, therefore, we give our picks for issues without which no Gambit fan should be.

Gambit (Vol. 1) #1-24, Gambit (Vol. 2) #1-12, Gambit Annual 1999 and 2000.
Gambit has had two ongoing series, although both of them ran for relatively short periods. Naturally, they're worth buying in their entirety.

Gambit Limited Series (Vol 1), Rogue Limited Series (Vol 1)
Neither of these are particularly superb stories, but they are important to an understanding of Gambit's history, especially as relates to the Guilds and the people out of whom they are constituted. The Gambit Limited Series focusses on the fued between the Thieves and the Assassins, encouraged by their mysterious, immortal benefactor, Candra. The Rogue Limited Series is something of a continuation.

Uncanny X-Men #266-267
UXM #266 is Gambit's official first appearance. It has him saving a deaged Storm from the Shadow King. In #267, Gambit and Storm become partners in crime, and she invites him to join the X-Men.

Uncanny X-Men #273
Gambit gets his new costume and beats Wolverine in the Danger Room. Worth it just to see Remy beat Logan.

X-Men #1-4
The early issues of X-Men are the ones in which Gambit as we know and love him was really defined as a character. In X-Men #1, Gambit participates in a training exercise, and kissing an . . . explosive simulacrum of Jean Grey. X-Men #3 has him flirting with Rogue, much to her confusion and secret delight. Finally, in X-Men #4, he plays basketball with the team and wins a date with Rogue.

Brood Trouble in the Big Easy: X-Men #8-9, Ghost Rider #26-27
Gambit and Rogue go on a romantic picnic, but are interrupted by a pie-fight with Bishop (!) and a visit from Belladonna, Gambit's ex-wife. Belle tells them that the Guilds are at war in New Orleans, and that he needs to come and restore the peace. When the team arrive, they find that the fueding Guilds are not their only problem -- the Brood are there as well.

Uncanny X-Men #297
Gambit tries to comfort a distraught, blind Rogue. She ends up telling him that she wants more out of their relationship, and he, eventually, agrees.

X-Men #24
After the death of Illyana, Gambit and Rogue go out for dinner and discuss what happened. They go on a romantic hanson ride through the streets and establish trust between them along the way.

X-Men #33
Sabretooth tells Rogue about how a 17-year-old Gambit used and betrayed Genievieve Darceneaux in an attempt to drive a wedge between them.

X-Men #38
Gambit confronts Sabretooth over what he told Rogue. Remy almost kills Creed, but spares his life, because he loves Rogue and wants to become someone worthy of her.

X-Men #41
Gambit and Rogue's first kiss.

X-Men #45
Haunted by the terrible memories she absorbed from Gambit, Rogue goes to Seattle to try and work out what happened there in the past. Remy follows her in an attempt to save their relationship, but finds himself unable to do so. Rogue temporarily leaves the X-Men and Gambit.

X-Men #46-47
Gambit and Bishop have a night out on the town. They address some of the issues between them, including the reasons for Bishop's distrust of Gambit. They also run into . . . the X-Babies?

Uncanny X-Men #347-350
The trial of Gambit. The trial and his subsequent abandonment in Antarctica only happen in #350, but the preceding issues provide necessary context and fill in some of Gambit's history.

Uncanny X-Men #361
Gambit encounters Storm and Shadowcat in Seoul, and, together with them, fights an angry Juggernaut who is after a replacement for the Cyttorak gem. After they have dealt with Juggernaut, Storm convinces Gambit to return to the X-Men.

X-Men #81
Rogue and Gambit meet up in Boston to discuss what happened in Antarctica and whether there is a chance for them to get back together. They are not given much of an opportunity to do so, as they are interrupted first by Kali and then the Green Mist Lady.

X-Men #109
A Christmas issue setting up X-Treme X-Men. Ororo announces her intention of going after the remainder of Destiny's Diaries, one of which Shadowcat found a few issues earlier. She wants Gambit to come along with them, but Rogue refuses.

X-Treme X-Men #4-8
Gambit is framed for the murder of an Australian crimelord, and Team X-Treme help him in proving his innocence.

X-Treme X-Men #17-19
Although part of much larger storyline that commences with X-Treme #10 (and goes on endlessly afterwards), these are the issues in which Gambit is stabbed through the chest by Vargas and has a near-death experience, until Rogue persuades him to come back to life. However, he discovers that he has lost his powers in the process.

X-Treme X-Men: X-Pose #2
Gambit and Rogue go on a roadtrip and try to deal with the loss of their powers.

X-Treme X-Men #46
In the last issue of the series, Gambit's powers are restored by Sage and Rogue, and he returns to the Institute.

X-Men #158
Gambit is blinded by his malfunctioning powers.

Rogue #1, 4-5
These issues of Rogue make it the only title that really dealt with the implications of Gambit's blindness, apart from some cute scenes in X-Men #163 with the Stepford Cuckoos. #1 deals with how Gambit's relationship with Rogue is affected by his dependence on her, while #4 and 5 show how he copes with being unable to see.

X-Men #165
Gambit's blindness is cured.

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