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It is difficult to provide a comprehensive summary of these issues, because small touches in each story combine to give a greater impression of the relationship. Rogue's anger at Magneto, who she once blindly worshipped, in X-Men #25 for hurting Gambit. Gambit's support during her uncertainty about which side she would be on in the self-same issue.

He keeps telling himself that, in essence, it's just another job. Remy LeBeau is a thief at heart and if rationalized properly, his is nothing more than a noble pinch. It just seems that the longer he stays with these people, the more he believes in their cause and the harder it gets to simply rationalize the job. The truth of the matter is that, as Gambit well knows, he is fighting for the hope of an entire planet and more importantly than ever to him . . . He is also fighting for the heart of the woman he loves.

GAMBIT: Ready, chere?

ROGUE: Ah guess.

GAMBIT: I know Magneto saved your life, Rogue, an' even though I don't know what else went on 'tween ya you two, we still gotta do this. Y'know we do.

ROGUE: Ah'm just afraid, Remy, when push comes ta shove, whose side am Ah gonna be on?

GAMBIT: The side y'always try t'be on... The right side.

Order of the Garter The next little vignette comes in X-Men #28 where the X-Men face the reality of having Sabretooth as a 'patient' in their home. Although previously implied in X-Men #6 and X-Men Unlimited #3 that Remy was somehow connected with Creed, this is the first concrete instance of a fear that will dog the relationship for issues to come - Remy's fear of Rogue discovering the sins of his past and ceasing to love him for them.

BANSHEE: Rogue is bringin' him the latest meal right now.

XAVIER: You asked her to get involved?

BANSHEE: Actually, she volunteered and as soon as she did Gambit hit the roof an' said he'd go with her to make sure nothin' happened to her. Didn't matter to the boy that the girl is well nigh invulnerable. Didn't matter at all.

The final item of any importance we need to consider in this section is X-Men #30 - Jean and Scott's wedding. Although the issue is obviously focussed on that couple, an interesting scene ensues where Rogue catches the bouquet and Gambit the garter. If tradition is to be believed, that foretokens that the next wedding will be their one. Unfortunately, life seldom follows superstition's dictates as is evident when things begin to sour between them for the first time.

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