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As prefigured by Gambit going with Rogue to feed Sabretooth, Creed was the one to drive the first wedge between them. At the time, he had intimated that Gambit had hurt a woman who trusted him in the past, that he would do the same to Rogue if she were not careful. Insecure and inexperienced in a relationship, Rogue stupidly did not confront Gambit on it, but went to Sabretooth to discover what had happened in Paris.

pier-cing wordsHe related to her the story of Genevieve Darceneaux, a young jewel-thief who Remy had seduced and betrayed in order to steal the Etoile de Tricherie or Cheating Star. (See the Gambit History for more details!) Rogue was particularly upset by Gambit's false promise to the woman: "I would never hurt you, either, Genny and I never will", because it echoed so much of what he had said to her. Naturally, when he confronted her on it later, she was furious:

GAMBIT: You wen' ahead and talked to him, Rogue? 'Course he only tol' you about my run-in with him when I was a pup. Didn' mention the other times we bumped heads, right?

ROGUE: What difference does that make? It's not about you an' him. It's about us! I'm in love with you an' I'm afraid you don't know what the word really means!!

Their relationship was cool for a few weeks after that incident, as Beast noted on a mission to investigate Sinister's Inferno.

sabes defeated! However, they both eventually realised that Sabretooth's purpose was to cause them both pain - Gambit, because of their history; Rogue, possibly because of his hatred towards Mystique and his sense of having been betrayed by her - and that they should get past it. Gambit said as much to Creed during a battle between the two which he easily won:

GAMBIT: Every part a' the man I was says I should push my bo-staff through your thick skull but de problem with dat solution is that I'd be givin' you exactly what you want! Best way t'beat you down, Creed, ain't t'bet you up. I worked too hard, care too much about bein' here, learnin' how t'love for real, an' bein' an X-Man t'let a loser like you take it away from me. So, I know the best way t'win the fight against you is for me an' Rogue t'be happy together.

Rogue overheard and apologised for her mistrust, but also said that they would never and could never be happy until both of them had come to terms with their pasts, which she attempted to do in the Rogue LS.

In the meantime, though, the relationship continued fairly smoothly, until Israel when the world came to an end.

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