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rogue in urgent need of eyedropsFor whatever reason of her own - whether it was the dark memories she had seen or the need to protect him from herself - Rogue fled, still under the influence of his mind. Concerned about her, Iceman followed her and found her in the middle of a robbing a museum. She was clearly upset by what had happened, and decided that she needed time away from the mansion to work things through by herself. She proposed a road-trip to Iceman, who readily agreed, because he needed to come to terms with his own possession by Emma Frost. (Of course, in a perfect world, she would have stayed with Gambit while he was in a coma, so, unsurprisingly, he felt quite hurt and abandoned.)

Subconsciously led by Gambit's memories, their journey led them westwards towards Seattle. When Gambit discovered their destination by intercepting Rogue's phone-call, he realised that the secret that he had been trying to keep from his new team was finally going to come out:

ROGUE: We're... me an' Bobby... we're on the road. Ah... Ah needed some time away after... what happened. A-Ah'm glad to hear ya are up and around, Gambit.

ICEMAN: Rogue! Today, huh?

ROGUE: Remy, Ah have t'go... We're tryin' to make it to Seattle before it gets dark.

GAMBIT (THINKING): . . . She knows. O' course she knows... She was inside my head when we kissed!

In a last ditch attempt to salvage the situation, he flew to Seattle to try and stop the truth from coming out... .

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