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Much to Iceman's concern, Rogue's behaviour grew more erratic the closer to Seattle they came. She seesawed between anger and depression, confused by the memories which were vague and elusive, probably due to some inherent psi-resistance on Gambit's part, and upset by the fact that she had hurt Gambit just as she had hurt Cody. In her somewhat histrionic speech at a bar in Polk Street, she said as much:

ICEMAN: We can keep trying to develop your powers little by little, maybe then...

ROGUE: Then... WHAT? Ah can touch someone, like Ah did Remy. Or better yet, like the first boy Ah kissed - like Cody - who's dead 'cause o' me? Doont'cha see, Bobby? It's over! Over! When Remy was hurt, it was the last chance Ah'll ever have for love and his memories will keep me from bein' able t'trust anyone again!

After she flew through the ceiling and Iceman stopped it collapsing by using his powers, the people at the bar turned ugly and attacked him. Fortunately for him, Gambit was in the vicinity and was able to stop them before they can injure him. Together, acting on Remy's knowledge of what happened to him years ago in Seattle, they were able to find her at a ruined theatre - quite possibly THE ESSEX THEATER? (The damage done to it suggests Gambit's powers, but on a much larger scale than that which he would be able normally to inflict. For an explanation of *why*, please read Gambit's History.)

Although Gambit tried to talk to her and to convince her that they needed to deal with the problem, he refused to answer her question of what happened at the theatre, either because he was terrified of the consequences of telling her or because he was physically unable to do so:

ROGUE: What happened here? Ah don't need your feelings t'know how much this place bothers you! Ah can see it in your eyes.

GAMBIT: It's buried, Rogue. Good dirt on top of bad.

ROGUE: Why won't you tell me?

GAMBIT: 'Cause we said what was ain' gonna stop us.

ROGUE: Please... Ah know it's killin' you, Remy. Tell me, we'll face it together.

GAMBIT: I can't, chere... You gonna have t'free yourself.

However, he made her an offer, instead, an offer to touch him again and discover what happened in that way:

GAMBIT: I want you t'touch me. Be inside me again, become me, let me become you - no secrets, no shame - so dat we can get past this an' go on from here. De way I want us to together as one. Choice is yours.

hands bridging the gap

The offer does seem sincere, but it is probable that he knew that Rogue would reject it (as she did). Moreover, he couched it in terms that would terrify Rogue with her hang-ups about sex and intimacy. As a result, a stalemate was reached - him unable to tell her, her unable to touch him to find out. Unable to deal with her feelings, Rogue decided that she needed time to work through her problems by herself, that she needed to leave the team temporarily. Ironically, knowing that he would lose her, he admitted for the first time that he loved her:

GAMBIT: An' what about us? I love you, Rogue.

ROGUE: Ah love you, too, Remy. From the first time Ah laid eyes on you. Ah thought, "Honey, this snake charmer is as close ta Prince Charming as you're evah gonna get."

GAMBIT: Girl, I'm sorry that I couldn' live up to ya expectations.

ROGUE: No, that's the saddest part of all, Remy. You did. You were exactly what Ah expected.

Having said that, she flew away, leaving him with the fear that, even if she were to return to the team, she would never return to him. This fear would prove both correct and incorrect, as, when next he saw her, she would have Joseph on her arm.

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