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In typical fashion, Gambit tried to pretend that his estrangement from Rogue did not hurt him. He did not want to admit to himself or to anybody else how much he had truly loved her and how much her rejection of him had actually hurt him. He had laid himself open to her by admitting the depth of his feelings for her, and she had left him regardless of that. So, he hid his pain behind an almost frenetically cheerful facade, as was evident on his trip to a nightclub with Bishop:

BOUNCER: Yeah, what do you --? Eh, Msr. LeBeau?!

GAMBIT: In de flesh -- and looking forward to a night of woman, wine and wagering!

Even when the man from the future directly questioned him on it, he replied with an evasive wisecrack and a grin:

fuzzy moment with Bishop

BISHOP: Gambit, I understand you've had a few problems of late. Rogue. The kiss. Your injuries. Her leaving. If you feel the need to talk... I'll listen.

GAMBIT: Well, ain't dat de nicest thing y'ever said t'me. You're just about making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, mon ami!

However, his emotional turmoil about what had happened between them did emerge from time to time, as at a poker game between the various members of the team. For example, when it came down to him and Sam, Gambit made a cryptic comment in response to Cannonball's question about whether his stake was okay:

GAMBIT: Depends. A man ought never bet more'n he's willin' to lose.

Again, when it was time to reveal his hand, Gambit charged his last card and tossed it at the table, claiming that his attention had slipped and his mutant powers had momentarily slid out of control:

GAMBIT: Guess in all de excitement, I wasn't paying attention. My mutant power t'charge t'ings must've kicked in. Sorry, mes amis.

CANNONBALL: Ya -- ya--

ICEMAN: Say it!

CANNONBALL: Ya... CHEATER. Ya done that on purpose.

GAMBIT: Kid, de pot is yours. I lost.

It cannot be insignificant that the last card was the ace of hearts and that it would have completed a royal flush (10, J, Q, K, A) which would have won him the game. It was the one suite in which he could not win, because he had not done so in real life, because he had already lost his heart's desire....

royal flush

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