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After months of vacilliation, Rogue made her choice instantly in a moment of crisis. The Gladiator had transported them into space and they were fighting against the Phalanx (the alien progenitors of the virus with which the humans had chosen to infect themselves during the Phalanx Saga). Gambit and Joseph were captured, and Rogue found herself battling alone against a legion of aliens. Ultimately, however, she was beaten down by them and they began assimilating her:

PHALANX: Succinctly... *kikt*... you are already absorbed.

ROGUE (THINKING): Inclined... t'believe him. I'm... transmoding?

PHALANX: *Kikt*... Your bio-electric thought patterns are being incorporated into the Phalanx. *Kikt*... The immersion is fascinating. As your former existence ends, you grasp onto emotional connection with an obstinate strength. Speak Phalanx-Rogue... Express your last organic memory.

ROGUE: G-Gambit. Gambit... Ah loved you. Ah... always... loved you.

At this point, Gambit appeared to save her, having clearly escaped through the gaping hole in the plot, but was in serious danger of being absorbed as well:

ROGUE: Get outta here, Remy! While you can! Don't throw your life away.

GAMBIT: Girl, don' you ever listen? Wit'out you, I don't have much of a life!

Fortunately, Gambit's gamble of charging the Phalanx worked and he was able to rescue both himself and her. Unfortunately, however, although they were back together, it would be for only a brief period of time until his dark secret was revealed. Then, ironically after "fully expressing their love for the first time", she would leave him again to an almost certain death in Antarctica.

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