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After Antarctica, Rogue sunk into a deep depression, alternating between self-recrimination, retreating from the world into impossible fantasies and losing herself through use of her powers. She was so disturbed, in fact, that she went to Doctor Agee, a man of dubious credentials and motives, in order to be cured of her powers. Fortunately, because Ageeís idea of a cure was to turn his patients into grey grotesqueries and also because it was essentially government-funded genocide, Mystique prevented Rogue from going through with it and snapped her back to some semblance of sanity.

Of Gambit, however, there was no sign and the X-Men were reticent to talk of him, probably out of guilt and shame that they has abandoned one of their own. It was only through chance that they would meet him again and only through Stormís persuasion that he would return to the team.

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