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Rogue’s first step towards reconciliation with Gambit came when they travelled to Boston in order to talk in privacy and without the interference of the notoriously nosy team. Uncomfortable with him and with what she had done, Rogue was remote and prickly, reading what she thought he must believe of her into his most innocent actions and words. For example, when he gave her a white rose:

GAMBIT: By the by. This is for you. To new beginnings...

ROGUE: White... White lilies are for death... That go for roses too?

The conversation continued in similar vein, and perhaps it was fortunate that they were interrupted by a would-be goddess, Kali, who wished to sacrifice them to assure her ascension as promised by "the voices". In the course of the battle against her, as she constantly prodded and jibed them about being lovers, the truth of Rogue’s feelings about Antarctica emerged:

KALI: I thought that dying by the side of a loved one would make this easier.

ROGUE: If I was in love, would I have turned my back on the only good thing that ever happened to me ?! If we were meant to be together, wouldn’t I have forgiven him his sins and taken him in with open arms? Would I have left the man I love to die in a snowy --

KALI: I don’t know... I never had a boyfriend. But I do know that we always hurt what we love the most and right now, child, Kali loves you to DEATH.

Hokey dialogue aside, Rogue clearly did blame herself for what had happened and, ironically, it was Gambit who attempted to excuse her:

GAMBIT: Excuse moi, fille... but dat’s not always true. . .

KALI: Whoops...

GAMBIT: Sometimes you hurt the ones who deserve it, too. And den sometimes... trying not t’hurt anyone... you make things worse. Rogue... what you said about Antarctica. . . dat wasn’t you. It was my fault, chere.

ROGUE: No, Remy... Leaving you there... I can’t forgive myself...

GAMBIT: Rogue, when you kissed me at de trial... absorbed my mind... you absorbed my self-hate along with it. You left me because I wanted t’be left... ‘cause I wanted to die.

It has been suggested that was a kind lie - he did, after all, love Rogue and would be willing to do or say anything to spare her pain, and he also had an unfortunate tendency to blame himself for all the wrongs of the universe. Whether or not it was, it certainly helped Rogue to overcome some of her earlier anger and prickliness, to the extent that she told him that she still loved him:

ROGUE: Nothing about this day went like I dreamed, so I want a straight answer.

GAMBIT: You dreamed about dis? Really? An’ what did I do in dis dream?

ROGUE: Well . . . in one version , you came crawlin’ back like a dog. Ah punched you across the state an’ back, then walked away, free of your spectre.

GAMBIT: Uh, are we goin’ there, chere? If so, I’ll save you the trouble an’ start walkin’.

ROGUE: The other has you swoopin’ in like hellfire... all eyes and arms and lips... pullin’ me to you and tellin’ me that the past is th’ past and the future is open, and you... and you still love me... like I still love you.

Before he could reply or reciprocate, however, a mysterious green mist prevented him from speaking. Rogue did not see it and flew away, believing that she had pushed him too far too fast and that he needed time to come to terms with what she had done to him. The green mist, then, solidified into the form of a woman who gave him a warning about the consequences of showing his feelings for Rogue:

GREEN MIST: Lover, if you touch that harlot again, I’ll kill her and everything else you care for. You’re mine now.

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