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While having some downtime, Rogue was accosted by a young, Skrull shapeshifter who forced her to absorb her moments before she died. Possibly because of the nature of the Skrullís powers, possibly because of the incompatability between Rogueís Mutant\Kree DNA and the Skrullís own, this had a devestating effect on Rogue. In her own words, with a slight paraphrase,

ROGUE: My DNA has mutated. Thatís a fact. Before, Ah touch someone, Ah absorb their powers and their memories for a time, then they go away, leaviní just a little residue of their powers behind. Now, Ahím able tímanifest thí powers of (everyone whom Ahíve ever absorbed) -- only Ah got no control over the process.

As a result of this, she was terrified that she would hurt Gambit if she remained close to him. When Storm was assembling her team to look for Destinyís diaries, therefore, and asked Gambit if he would be prepared to join them, Rogue answered for him:

ROGUE: NO! Leave Remy OUTTA this!

GAMBIT: You got no right tíspeak for me, girl.

ROGUE: Then Iíll ask. If Ah have to, Ahíll beg. Donít do this, Remy.

GAMBIT: We bílong tígether.

ROGUE: Ah know. But not now. Not for this.


GAMBIT: Youíll place friends at risk, but not me? Chere, datís crazy.

ROGUE: Right now. So am I. Fact is, they get hurt, itíll break mah heart. But if itís you, Ahíll die. Ah canít work through this, Remy, if Iím worried all the time about you.

GAMBIT: Aní howím I síposed tílive wití you gone from my life?

Despite Rogueís self-defeating and nonsensical vow to live without Gambit because she couldnít live without him, Remy seemed prepared to commit to a long distance relationship. So, as a pledge of his undying and eternal love for her, he gave her a "beautiful", if unspecified, gift:

ROGUE: Remy, after what Ah said, to give me something so beautiful -!

GAMBIT: Thatís so, no matter how far we wander... Iíll always be wití you.

However, whether absence made the heart grow fonder or go yonder would only be seen when Gambit returned to the cast in X-Treme X-Men #5.

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