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Gambitís move to Team X-Treme and reunion with Rogue came under a cloud, to say the least. According to the news, he was responsible for the murder of Miles Warbeck, the Viceroy of organised crime throughout Australia. The X-Men proceeded to investigate, and most of them reached the conclusion that he was capable of the crime, if not outright responsible for it. Storm felt that he could kill, while Bishop was convinced that he would have done so. However, Rogue was convinced about his innocence, defending him against the older manís repeated accusations and getting furious when he refused to see that Gambit was not a killer:

ROGUE: Our priority should be finding Gambit.

BISHOP: And when we do, what then? We still have no proof of his innocence.

ROGUE: Youíre saying he ainít?

BISHOP: Iím saying, I donít know.

ROGUE: But you accept the possibility. You believe heís capable of murder! Heís an X-Man, Bishop. But why am I surprised? Even after all heís done for us, trust a cop to write him off so easy.

After her confrontation with Bishop, Rogue flew out of the window in a blind rage and went to do some investigation of her own. Her search brought her to the Golden Harbour restaurant, which doubled as the headquarters of Gow Yang Ju, one of the kingpins of the Sydney Triads. Even though she did not manage to find any answers to her questions, she did find Gambit, who was also there to spy on Gow, and a huge amount of trouble:

ROGUE: Eveniní. Ahíd like tísee Father Gow, please. Itís business.

GAMBIT: Chere, chere, chere - You ever tíink maybe the direct approach, she ainít always the best?

ROGUE: Like youíve ever tried.

GAMBIT: Once or twice. Jusí for fun. Didnít take. Boocoo points for brass, though. Aní I love the dress.

. . .

ROGUE: You know youíre in trouble.

GAMBIT: You come tísave me?

ROGUE: Thatíll be the day.

At which point, Gow, clearly recognising Gambit as the murderer of Miles Warbeck, gave the order for them to be killed and they were attacked by most of the patrons of the club, who were in Gowís pay. One of his other flunkies proceeded to activate a power-neutraliser, which meant that their only real choice was to retreat, despite acquitting themselves well in the brawl that ensued:

GAMBIT: We should maybe go now.

And, as they were running towards the exit dodging the gunfire,

GAMBIT: Dis is not my idea of a good time.

ROGUE: Tell me about it.

GAMBIT: Dis is one of the best!

ROGUE: Youíre crazy, Gambit, you know that!

GAMBIT: Crazy for you, chere. Ainít you figured dat out by now?

ROGUE: Absolutely, positively certifiable!

They eventually made their way through an open door and into Gowís office, where they found him murdered. They also found Gambitís trademark card, the Joker, planted on the body. (Isnít it the Ace of Spades in earlier issues?) As Rogue told him, everything pointed to one conclusion - he was being framed. Unfortunately, questions of who was responsible had to wait as Gowís grandson, a crack martial artist by the name of Red Lotus, found them over the body and decided to seek revenge for the death of his grandfather.

As this Red Lotus was on the point of killing them, however, he was stopped by the Examiner (Gowís personal advisor) who suggested it would be wise to interrogate them before they were killed. Working together, Gambit and Rogue managed to escape him. Gambit distracted the Examiner, while Rogue freed

herself from the network of acupuncture needles which he had used to block her powers and paralyse her. As Gambit said to her on their escape:

GAMBIT: We make a good team.


Unfortunately, even working together, they could neither prove Gambitís innocence nor find the real culprit yet, as they still had to face the danger posed by Lady Mastermind and her illusions....

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