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After they had escaped the Examiner's clutches, Rogue and Gambit decided to return to base in order to regroup and to drop off the unconscious Red Lotus. Unfortunately, a nasty surprise was in store for them when they returned home. Sebastian Shaw and Lady Mastermind had taken over Team X-Treme's home, and the latter had incapacitated Sage by means of a incredibly clever illusion.

Rogue was next in her sights.

Using her powers of illusion, Lady Mastermind convinced Rogue that she was in bed with Gambit. Just as things were beginning to heat up, however, the telepath brought Vargas onto the scene, along with the murdered, bloody bodies of several of her team-mates:

Vargas: We meet again.

Rogue: Vargas!

Vargas: Of course. Did you think I had forgotten you? Or my promise? I am predator. You are prey. I will hunt you all, to the death. You could not save Beast. You could not save Psylocke. You could not save the others. You will not save your lover. I spare you, Rogue, because I hunt only prey that is worthy.

Rogue: No. NO!

Still caught up in her illusion, Rogue swore revenge on Vargas. Of course, Lady Mastermind's intention was not for her to pursue the villain, so much as to eliminate all obstacles to Shaw's ascension to head of the Triads. As she told Shaw,

Lady Mastermind: She'll wipe out the remaining crimelords, leaving the field clear for you to become Viceroy. An' afterwards, even if she survives, even if she escapes prison, the memory of what she's done will destroy her.

Accompanied by Lady Mastermind in the guise of Gambit, Rogue flew out to the Victorian gentleman's club that served as base for the Triads. The real Gambit, meanwhile, pursued her in an attempt to stop her from hurting the others and to free her from Lady Mastermind's clutches. It was a good thing that he did so too, because Lady Mastermind fooled Rogue into believing that all her team-mates were Vargas. They had gone to the club in order to prevent the Viceroy from being killed, and she attacked them as brutally as if they had been the villain himself.

While she was fighting Gambit-as-Vargas, however, the illusion cracked, and Rogue managed to break Lady Mastermind's hold on her. In relief, she hugged him, before they kissed (!). The saga as a whole had a happy ending too, as Gambit managed to prove his innocence to the Triads, and Warbeck's assassination was prevented. (See our Gambit history for more details!)

Unfortunately, Rogue and Gambit were in for an even greater test of their relationship, when an Interdimensional Warlord decided to attack earth and used Remy as the key between the two worlds...

Onto Next Part...

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