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After the invasion was ended and the battle with Vargas was over, Gambit and Rogue were rushed to a MASH unit, along with their other wounded teammates. Gambit was so severely injured that he was on the point of dying. Sent by Jean who sensed this, Rogue raced through the astral plane to get to him in time and save him. She found him ready - and willing - to depart to the next level of existence. He knew that he was dying in a state of grace, which meant that he would rise to heaven, and was afraid that he would never get that chance again. Naturally, Rogue was unimpressed with the thought of losing him:

Gambit: I’ve seen my destiny, Rogue. This is how my story ends.
Rogue: Screw those predictions! Screw what they say is the future. We’re the X-Men, Remy! We make our own! We make miracles!
Gambit: Rogue, please! I’m in a state of grace. I may never get this chance again.
Rogue: Our story ain’t done.
Gambit: This is the happy ending!
Rogue: Ah’m selfish! I want better. An’ so should you!

a kiss before dying

Against his will, she was able to bring him back to life, to prevent his soul from leaving his body.

However, as Wolverine feared, Gambit was less than appreciative. He knew exactly what he had given up to return to earth, and he was irritated with Rogue for it. To make matters worse, something had happened to him to cause him to lose his powers. He could not even charge a single card. Rogue had also lost her powers, but she was more pleased about the fact. She saw it as giving them a real chance to be together. Naturally, their ensuing conversation was at crosspurposes:

Gambit: Dey don’t charge -- not a one. I got my life, but my power, looks like she’s gone.
Rogue: If it’s any consolation, Remy... ah know how you feel. Feels so dif’rent touchin’ without gloves. Without bein’ afraid.
Gambit: Your own fault, chere. You chose t’be de hero.
Rogue: With your life at stake, that’s no choice at all. But I figure -- since we’ve both lost what makes us mutants -- maybe this is our chance to start fresh.
Gambit: Can’t change nature.
Rogue: We’re alive. That makes us masters of our destiny. Unless . . . this was all just a game. So long as I couldn’t be touched, there was no risk. No real commitment.
Gambit: Dat band, dey’re playin’ some righteous notes. Be a shame t’waste de moment.
Rogue: We’ve had our moments, Remy. They’re not enough, they’ve made me greedy. Ah want a lifetime.
Gambit: Okay.
Rogue: Okay?
Gambit: No promises. Not yet, anyway. We take t’ings day by day, we see where it leads, fair?
Rogue: It’s a start.

So, realising they needed privacy to work through their issues both as individuals and as a couple, they set off on his motorbike early the next morning. What happens when they return has yet to be seen...

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