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Q1: Who is Gambit?

Gambit is a very popular Marvel character who just had his solo book cancelled by Joe Quesada and his lackeys. He is currently available to Marvel Entertainment in the Home Depot line of fine wallcoverings.

Q2: Who created Gambit?

Some guy named Chris Claremont and that other guy... Lee something or other. He obviously wasn't that important, right?

Q3: When did Gambit first appear in the pages of the X-Men?

Technically, there's an ink blot in the Uncanny Annual #14 that could be construed as Gambit if you squint really REALLY hard. But if you want to see the real thing, pick up an issue of Uncanny X-Men #266.

Q4: When did Gambit join the X-Men?

Define the word "join."

Q5: How old is Gambit?

No one is really all too sure of how old Gambit really is. Some would say 25, some would say 30. Really, the guy is 10 years old - Uncanny #266 came out in August if 1990.

The Stories

Q6: What's the deal with the Thieves Guild and Assassins Guild?

Gambit's a thief. Thieves cannot be assassins - they are mutually exclusive. Thus assassins hate Gambit. Of course, thieves aren't all too keen on him either. But, well, you get what you pay for.

Q7: Is Gambit the X-Traitor?

Of course he is! Why wouldn't he be? Someone has to do the job, and if it means he's the only guy left standing and gets rid of that blasted Wolverine, let Gambit be the traitor!

Q8: Is Gambit the Witness?

Yes, in many cases. That's why his real name is unknown. He's been sent through the Witness Relocation Program so many times he can't recall his real name.

Q9: If Gambit is the Witness, how could he be alive in Bishop's time? Is he an External?

Acually, he's one of those guys from Highlander - can only be killed by a sword through the neck. That's why Bullseye's sai in the chest didn't knock him off.

Q10: Is Gambit the "third Summers brother"?

Yep. Mr. Summers was a blasted cheater and sired many children all over the globe, including the Blob, Toad, Wolverine, Mr. Sinister, Apocalypse, Magneto and Blink. They're all related.

Q11: Why did Gambit join the X-Men? He doesn't seem like a team player.

He's the X-traitor! Need we say more?

Q12: Is Gambit married to Bella Donna?

That's a gray area. They're estranged, but we've never seen actual divorce papers. And with the way he's been scoping out her spandex, one could only wonder just how seperated they really are.

Q13: What about Gambit in the X-Men cartoon?

He's been transfered over to Spider-Man.

Q14: What was in the vial?

Rich, chocolatey OVALTINE!

Q15: Who was the Green "Mist-ery" Lady?

A bad plot device. She's gone. Let it go.

Q16: What is the deal with the New Son?

He's another one of those blasted Summers' kids. Except Gambit got the cooler outfits, better skills, nifty accent and cute butt. Thus, New Son was jealous, and felt the need to kill of Gambit.

Gambit Comics

Q17: Why do people call the Rogue limited series "Gambit LS II"?

Because the Rogue series was just an excuse to make a second Gambit series. Rogue, you see, is the most maligned, ignored character in the universe. Despite her recent facetime thanks to that Claremont guy, it's bound to fade.

Q18: What about an ongoing Gambit series?

Once regarded as one of the better ongoing solos, Fabian Nicezia was fired off the book because a monkey whizzed on the electric fence. Then, because the monkey survived, Joe Quesada (a minor talent, at best) was made Editor in Chief of Marvel. Joe then decided to cancel the book, because he's pretty much a royal pain in the arse.

Miscellaneous questions, and The Lighter Side Of...

Q19: Why is Gambit such a flirt?

This is so miscontrued. Women are constantly hitting on Gambit. what's a boy to do - deny women the attention they so desperately want?

Q20: Can playing cards really be used as weapons?

Sure - the Joker does it all the time. Gambit just gets to make his explode, which is much cooler visual effect.

Q21: Why do people seem to either hate Gambit, or love him? It's like there's no middle ground.

Because Gambit haters have no soul. That about sizes it up.

Q22: Howard Mackie...Why?

Uhm... he needed a job. And he gave the editors those big, Bambi eyes and they were putty in his hands.

Q23: How could New Orleans have secret underground caverns if it's so far below sea level people have to be buried above ground?

Two words - Marvel Science.

Q24: How can he be in such good shape with all the smoking he does?

The theory is he uses his kinetic powers to dissipate the nicotine as it enters his trachea, thus it never really has a chance to clog up anything. I mean, how come Wolverine can drink so much beer and never get drunk?

Q25: What happened to the "real" version of this FAQ?

Why, nothing! The real FAQ can be found here.

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