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Rogue’s Gambit - REVIEW THIS STORY

Written by Belle Bayard
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

Chapter 1

Remy leBeau, better known as Gambit, paced the length of the mansion's roof in the chill midnight air. He raked a hand through his russet hair and ground his teeth as he glanced up at the full moon. Ever since the X-men's brush with Sinister, then the trouble with Bella Donna and the Assassins, he'd become obsessed with one thought. To help Rogue find a way to control her powers. The need to do this persisted like an itch . . . one he hadn't found a way to scratch.

Brutal honesty demanded he admit the reason behind this preoccupation. Despite the desperate circumstances, for just a short time he'd been able to hold her. Been able to touch her, and receive her touch in return without it knocking him unconscious or killing him. Before, when he'd dared a brief touch of lips, only his mutant powers had saved him. He'd never regretted being a mutant and rarely, being one of Professor Xavier's X-Men. Nor did he wish to Rogue to permanently lose her powers. Yet, those very same abilities held her at arm's length. Perhaps he should be content to know she felt as he did and leave it at that.

"Merde! Remy, you're one Cajun fool. You should find another woman 'stead a' wishin' for a star," he muttered.

He pulled a card from his trench coat, made it glow with power, and fought the temptation to toss it in frustration. His thoughts turned still darker. Once he'd called the Assassin heiress, Bella Donna, his own. Now the mockery of that marriage skittered against his mind.

Though Rogue deserved better than a footloose thief like him, he couldn't help desiring her, wanting the best for her. Her own lonely sadness called to him as she struggled to control her mutant powers. A chill raced through him as he thought of the recent events they'd survived. Yet the memory insinuated an idea into his thoughts. Maybe such a device as Sinister had used would work. Not so large, for it need only affect a single room. Provide enough damping to allow her to touch another person.

Self-derisive laughter burst from him. Who was he fooling? He didn't just want for her to touch anyone, he wanted her to touch him, maybe if he was lucky, kiss him. And maybe, if she trusted him enough, let him make love to her. Then perhaps he could claim her for himself, forever. He dismissed the notion, though the aching emptiness lingered. He had nothing he could offer her except his passion. Besides, he couldn't plan on anything unless he found someone who would help him. No problem to steal the device, he knew the location of one of Sinister's old labs. But who could devise something small enough to suit the purpose he wanted?

Hmm. Beast? The Professor? He hated letting anyone close. Even those he fought beside. To reveal what he truly felt for Rogue would give them power over him. Trust did not come easily after his years in the Thieves Guild. Still, he wasn't sure how much longer he could stand the swamp rat gnawing in his gut as he watched Rogue's efforts to come to terms with her past and what flowed between them.

He lowered the dimmed card, crushing it in his fist. So long he had been alone. Though he enjoyed women, he kept his affairs de coeur lighthearted. Not one of them since Belle had shaken him as Rogue did. His lips curled in wry smile. Could it be he wanted her so badly because he could not have her? Still, even her friendship would be worth it if he could provide her a means to end her isolation. After all, she might turn her back on him. He grimaced with the deep certainty he deserved no more for his own dark past.

The door behind him scraped open. He whirled, tensed for attack until he saw the familiar shape silhouetted for a moment against the brightly-lit doorway. Though he knew neither one of them possessed telepathy, he could have sworn she had come because she sensed him thinking of her. She walked toward him, shivering with the cold.

"Whatcha doin' out here at this hour, sugah?" she asked. Her husky voice, filled with concern and a certain tense note, caused shivers down his back. "Y'all are gonna freeze your tail off."

"Jus' t'inking, chère." His hands fisted against the urge to reach out to her, take her in his arms. Patience, Remy, patience. "Why'd you come up here?"

"Oh, Ah dunno. Intuition, mebbe. Thought ya might be feelin' kinda down."

She shrugged, then as her red mane of hair fluttered across her face. With an irritated sound she tossed it behind her, then clasped her arms tightly against her body for warmth. Both movements pushed her lush breasts higher and brought her face into focus. He swallowed and closed his eyes in pain.

"Ya okay, Gambit?" Her gloved hand touched his arm.

He shook his head. "No, mon chèrie. Gambit has been better."

"Come on downstairs then an' let Hank take a look at ya."

"Nothin' he can do for Gambit, though I 'ppreciate de concern." He turned away, willing himself to not tell her. Not to raise false hopes.

"What's wrong, Remy? Are ya sick?" She moved to stand before him again and peered into his face. "Ya do look kinda peaked."

He slumped in defeat. He couldn't lie to her, but he wouldn't tell her everything. "Non, not ill. Jus' ailin' from foolish dreams."

"Huh?" She frowned for a moment. Then, a bleak look settled on her lovely face. "Oh. Sorry. Girl trouble, huh?"

He hesitated, almost afraid to say it. "Oui, but not as you t'ink. De only trouble wit' Gambit's girl is he can't hold her or love he like she deserves."

Rogue's eyes widened. "Oooh. Ah . . .Ah kinda thought ya was jus' tryin' ta make me feel better all this time. Bein' charmin' like ya are ta other women." She smiled a tiny, weary smile. Her green eyes shone with unshed tears. "Ah know you're a good man, Remy. Ya deserve better'n what Ah can give you."

He brushed a stray curl from her face, resisting the urge to do more. "Never, chère. Someday der'll be a way for us t'be t'gether for more dan a fight. An' you can bet on dat. Now, come on inside 'fore ya freeze your own lovely tail off."

Gambit herded her down the stairwell and into the kitchen for a cup of hot cocoa. He cursed the misery in her eyes, knowing he was responsible for some of it. She'd told him of her first experience with her power. The boy she'd almost killed with a kiss. Then, matters with Bella Donna, Cody, and Candra hadn't help things.

Determined to make her feel better, he turned on his Cajun charm and teased a laugh from her before they retired. As he turned toward his own room, he sensed her gaze following him. Somehow he knew despite his efforts she still hurt.


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