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Chapter 1


Written by Sascha
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

Chapter 1

Remy crossed his arms over his chest and refused to admit that he was blushing.

"Can.. Can.. You re.. repeat that?" Jean wiped away a tear, but unfortunatly she didn't kill that huge grin on her face at the same time.

"I'd rather not," Bobby said. He was, for some reason or another, not blushing at all. He was not even going slightly pink! Unfair! Capital UN-fair!

"Ah wanna heah it again!" Rogue demanded from where she was rolling on the floor, clutching her stomach and laughing her ass off.

"Yeah! Me too!" Jean echoed and looked expectantly at them. With a huge grin plastered on her face.

Remy sighed. He really wished they would stop doing that.

Before he or Bobby had the chance to explain things - again - Scott wandered in to the livingroom looking puzzled. "Jean? What's so funny?" Then he noticed Remy. "Oh Remy, can I have my.." Then he noticed Bobby. He blinked. "Jacket back?" he finished, looking even more puzzled. "Bobby, what are you doing with my jacket?"

"Wearing it," was the calm reply.

Rogue stopped rolling on the floor long enough to grab the remote and push play again.

"Rogue!" Remy complained. "Have mercy, willja?" She'd already played that part of the tape eight times before.

"But it's so .. *sweet*!" She managed to get out before she was overwhelmed by a laughing fit again.

Jean nodded. "Yeah, it is," she said dreamily. "You two make such a nice couple. Don't you think so, darling?"

"Huh?" Scott said. He was staring wide-eyed at the tv screen which was currently showing Bobby and Remy in the middle of what looked like a rather pasionate kiss.

"Bobby, Remy, aren't they a nice couple?" Jean repeated.

"Eh.." Scott said and looked from the tv to Remy to Bobby and back at the tv. "Eh.."

"We're *not* a nice couple! We're not even a couple! Bobby, tell dem!" Now even he couldn't deny that he was blushing.

"I have. They're ignoring us." Remy noticed again that Bobby seemed to be amused by it all. "I'm sure they'll come to their senses when they've humiliated us enough." He moved his hand out of his pocket and drew it through his hair.

"Look!" Jean squealed. "Rogue, look!" She pointed at Bobby, who blinked in puzzlement. "They even have matching rings!"

"They do?" Rogue got up of the floor, walked over at Bobby and Remy, took a close look at their hands (Remy had to fight the urge to hide his hands behind his back) and started giggling. "They do! This just keep getting better and better!"

"Or worse an' worse depending on how you look at it," Remy muttered to no-one in particular.

"Oh don't worry, Remy. I'm sure they'll get tired of this sooner or later," Bobby said reassuringly.

"How come y're so calm?"

Bobby shrugged. "I dunno. 'Cause things can't get much worse, I guess."

"Wouldn't bet on dat," Remy said darkly. Something told him that this was about to get even worse. Wether he had a precognition, or he was simply pesimistic, he didn't know, but when the doorbell chimed, Remy just *knew* that that had to be Milli. With or without her brothers. "Don't open de door!"

Everybody in the livingroom looked at him.

"Why not?" Scott asked finally.

"Because it's Milli!"

Bobby went pale at hearing the dreaded name. "Are you sure? How can you be sure?"

"Milli!" Jean and Rogue squealed in delight. "It's Milli! C'mon, Jean, we have ta meet her!" Rogue said and ran out of the livingroom quickly followed by Jean.

Bobby and Remy exchanged looks of horror and decided that now was as good a time as any to disappear quietly in to the night. In other words, they turned around and ran out the backdoor just as Jean and Rogue opened the frontdoor to let Milli and two of her brothers in to the house.

"*Where* is *Bobby*?" The beautiful blonde they recognised from the mall's surveillance tape asked.

"Are you Milli?" Jean retorted.

"Yes, I *am*. Now *where* is *Bobby*?" Milli demanded to know.

Rogue blinked and tried to hold back her laughter. This was just too much! She could hardly wait to see Bobby's face when he saw her. Or Remy's for that matter.

"Who is that handsome looking guy?" One of the Milli brothers asked.

"Huh? Who?" Jean turned around and spotted Scott by the stairs. "Oh him. My husband."

"Too bad. Do you have a happy marriage then?" He followed Scott with his eyes as Scott hurried up stairs.

Jean grinned. "Very."


"Chris, *control* yourself," Milli said. "We're not here so that *you* can find yourself a *boyfriend*!" She stomped her foot in the ground. "We're here to find *Bobby*!"

"An' find him yoah will," Rogue said and grinned widely. "He's in the livingroom. Just follow me.."

"I'm freeee! I'm freeeeeeeee!" Bobby shouted. He waved cheerily to an elderly couple whom Remy just drove past. They looked shocked at him.

Remy grinned. "Why do I get de feelin' dat you weren't as cool 'bout dis as it seemed like back at de mansion?"

Bobby looked innocently at him. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Of course you don't."

"Okay, wanna hear the truth?" Remy nodded. "I was this close to fainting when Rogue put on that tape. By the way, you didn't give it to her did you?" Bobby looked suddenly suspicious at him.

"Yeah, 'cause I so enjoyed their hysterical laughter and teasing, didn't I?"

"Guess not."

They were silent for a while, then Bobby asked: "Where are we going?"

Remy shrugged. "I dunno. I jus' wanted to get de hell away from Milli an' whatever brothers might be acompanying her."

"What makes you so sure that whoever was at the door was Milli anyway?"

"Ever heard of Murphy's law?"

"Which one?"

"De one about 'If somethin' can go wrong it will, an' at de worst possible moment at dat'?"

"Oh that one."


"Yeah, I've heard of it. Get your point. I guess her showing up with her brothers was the only thing that could make that any worse. Well, except Jubilee showing up, that is." Bobby shuddered at the thought. "Imagine what she's gonna do when she finds out. She's never gonna let us live this down, you know."

"I know."

"This wasn't one of my best ideas ever, was it?"


"You want me to shut up, right?"

"What was your first clue?"

Bobby shut up, and Remy glanced surprised over at him. Then he shrugged and focused his consentration on keeping them on the road instead.

5 minutes later...

"You think she's gone now?"

"It's only been 15 minutes. I doubt it," Remy replied.

"Oh. Do you mind if I turn on the radio?"

Remy shook his head. "Non, jus' as long as it's not country."

Bobby grinned and leaned forwards to turn on the radio. On the way he somehow managed to brush his hand over Remy's. Remy pretended not to notise. And besides he hadn't done it purpose, had he?

//---Now to a caller who has requested this song to be played for her friends who have found love together. To Remy and Bobby, here's 'You Light Up My Life' by LeAnn Rimes from Jubilee! Enjoy!//

They both blinked and stared at the radio. "How..? What..? When..?" Bobby said. Remy just stared, wondering if he'd heard right.

//So many night I'd sit by my window, waiting for someone to sing me his

song, so many dreams I kept deep inside me, alone in the dark, now you've

come along, and you light up my live, you give me hope to carry on, you

light up my days and feed my night with songs--//

Bobby turned off the radio. "I wonder if Emma would be too upset if I killed her," he thought out loud.


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