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Written by Protege moi
Last updated: 07/30/2007 11:36:51 AM

Chapter 5

LaiíNal sat across from this alien stunned. Her heart was pounding in her chest, her palms beginning to sweat. How could he know! He was sound asleep when she was in there. Shit, he stirred in his sleep; he was awake the whole time! Her mind started to panic a little. She could tell that Reia was looking at her incredulously, eyes wide with horror at the behavior of her best friend. But Reiaís look isnít what made her squirm, it was his. She now cursed wanting to see what his eyes looked like. She was now staring back at something...demonic. It was the only word she could think of to describe what she saw. The entire surface of his eyes was red, except for a few what seemed like random specs of black splashed on that red background. They had this unnerving glow to them. It was almost as if they were looking right through her. Keep calm, Lai, stay calm. LaiíNal tried to keep her face as neutral as possible.

"What makes you say that?" The first word came out of her mouth a little dry. Was it a waver he would detect? She decided to reach for her glass of water to perhaps offer a reason to her first words. Will he fall for that?

The alien arched an eyebrow, looking unimpressed. The look was severe; it cut right into her. How can anyone do that? Say more with their eyes without even having to use words! It was starting to give LaiíNal the creeps. It was as if he was schooled in this type of thing. The thought sent internal shivers down her spine. But perhaps it was just his personality. However, it didnít change the fact that she was becoming more and more suspicious of this man. LaiíNalís internal panic was interrupted by Reiaís voice.

"Well, Lai," Reiaís eyes were still full of shock that her friend could have been so rude! "Did you?"

LaiíNal shot a look back at her friend, "Who are you gonna believe, hey? A guy youíve known for about a day, or me, your best friend of how many years!"

The glare from the alien became more intense. "Youíre avoidiní de question." He paused as Lai cursed to herself. "Usuílly people who avoid questions íave sometíiní tíhide." He paused again. He was probably waiting for her to fess up.

"I have nothing to hide." Would he buy it?

He raised his chin slightly, his look becoming even more severe, his eyes narrowing. "Den why woní yíanswer de question?"

He was smart; LaiíNal had to give him that. But how would he have known she was there? He never opened his eyes the entire time she was in his room. She shook her head. "I have nothing to answer for."

"Fine." The word was hollow.

She couldnít figure out what meaning was behind it. Was he giving up on the issue? He didnít seem mad. No, he was calculated and calm. Why wasnít he mad?

"Jusí doní go in míroom againí witíout permission. Got it?"

"Well, I donít see what the problem is, because I was never in your room to begin with."

He raised his eyebrow again. He knew she was lying through her teeth. She had definitely been in his room, though she hadnít done much other than stand and stare. Her emotions read like a book. She was suspicious of him. Smart girl. She was also panicking. And then she turned the tables on him.

"By Sharra, why be so anal over it? Unless thereís something youíre hiding in there."

"Not hidiní anytíiní, Chère. It jusí rude tígo nosiní arouní in someoneís private space. Dat is what a bedroom is, no? Private space." He raised an eyebrow at her, daring her to come back with a retort.

"Fine." She said. However, hers was not as effective as his had been. The word was laced with a bit of frustration, and anger. She wasnít winning this game of wits.

The three ate the rest of their meal in awkward silence. It hadnít been Remyís intent in the beginning, but she had been in his room. He knew she hadnít rummaged around. Sheíd just stood there, studying him. It was rude of her and that was what bothered him most about the whole thing. She was rude. He didnít care how curious or suspicious she was of him; there were politer ways of finding out information on someone. She could be asking him questions, right now, for example. He was sure that she wanted to find out the truth about him so that she knew her friend would be safe. Remy didnít blame her for that; in fact, he respected her for it. But if she really felt the need to expose him, she could be asking him questions right here at the dinner table, in front of Reia. For whatever reason, she wasnít.

In the silence, Remyís thoughts drifted to Earth. He needed badly to get a message to his father. But how was he going to do that? He supposed that once he made contact with Lilandra that he could have her relay a message to his father through the X-men. Or had Xavier already done that? But then, how was he going to get in contact with Lilandra? He knew that if he requested to speak to her as Gambit, heíd be sure to have an audience, but he wasnít at liberty to do so. If he were to be seen leaving the Southern Hemisphere, he may as well end up throwing the whole mission away. He wouldnít be able to return without being crucified by the gang leaders. He new they were watching him already. Then he remembered that the men from the ship had given him a set of what they called tools. Yímemíry gettiní bad, homme. But he blamed the drugs instead. He searched his mind trying to remember the contents of this tool package. Was there an image inducer inside? He would have to check later on, when this LaiíNal character wasnít around anymore. Besides, he didnít mind putting it off. He didnít want to use the image inducer unless he absolutely had to.

"Um, Remy?...do you want some dessert?" The voice sounded distant, calling him out of his thoughts.

Remy glanced up at Reia, "Sorry?"

"I asked if you wanted some dessert." Reia studied him. "You okay? You havenít said much all supper. Youíre not mad at Lai, are you? Cuz Iím sure that if she was in your room she was just curious. íProlly wanted to see what you look like. Iím sure she didnít mean any harm."

"Iím fine, chère." He looked at her; he wasnít going to touch the subject of LaiíNal. Heíd already made his point. "Dessert sounís good, yeah?"

Reia smiled at him, "Okay! Youíre in for a real treat, you know! I made cake. Have you ever had cake? Do you have anything like cake on your homeworld?"

"Oui, Iíve íad cake bífore." Remy couldnít help but smile; she was rambling again. Did he really make her that nervous?

"Oh! Good! I hope you like my cake, cuz Iím sure itís a little different." She bit her lip. "...Er...I was thinking that maybe we could have our dessert in the great room and watch the media screen?"

"That sounds really nice, Rei, but why are you asking? Itís your place."

"Well, Lai, itís not my media screen." Reia and LaiíNal both looked at Remy expectantly.

Remy chuckled slightly. "Sure, I doní mind. Yícan watch it any time yíwaní; doní íave tíask."

With that, the three took their cake into the great room and found their own place on the couch. Reia turned on the media screen and started to flip through the channels. Something on one of the channelís caught Remyís eye. "Wait, wait, turn it back one, oui?"

Reia complied. The media screen went back to the channel that had Remyís interest. They were looking at an image of what he clearly recognized as Earth from space. He arched his eyebrow, focusing on what sounded like a new cast. Then he saw the first contact message NASA put out in the 60ís being played out. At least Remy thought it was the 60ís. He shrugged. However dated it was, it was still a rather embarrassing display of humanity.

Reia and LaiíNal sat, jaws hanging; they held their plates in their hands but were no longer paying attention to their cake. They were too enthralled by the new broadcast. The reporter became the new image on the screen; she was sitting at what looked like an interview set up. Indeed, there was another Shiíar sitting across from the reporter. Remy had to drop his jaw, now, as he listened to the dialoge:

"So, with me this I have Ambassador Sylínor, whoís probably the Empireís biggest expert on Terrans." The reporter turned to the man. "Now, Ambassador, tell us, this new first contact with the Terran homeworld, do you find it a bit premature? I mean, the message they are broadcasting is rather primitive, is it not?"

The Ambassador shifted in his chair, as if he were about to say something very important. "I believe it is a bit unexpected for us, but not necessarily premature. I think the thing we have to keep in mind about this first contact message the Terranís have is several decades old, and they have made many advances since then. As much as it seems primitive, it gives us some very important basic information about the species."

"Is it true, Ambassador, that our government has known about the Terranís for some time now?"

"Yes, it is. Our Majestrix has called upon the Terranís, a particular group of Terranís called the X-men, who have aided this Empire on a few occasions."

"Ah, yes, the X-men. I believe the population of Chandilar is familiar with the X-men, especially with a particular Charles Xavier. There are rumors that this man is the Majestrixís consort. Is there any validity in this statement?"

"Iím afraid Iím not at liberty to discuss the affairs of the Royal Family."

"So far, it is against the laws for Nobility to breed out of species. How does the Royal Counsel feel about the Majestrix having an alien lover?"

"Miss Charínyl, I will not discuss the ongoing of any Noble family."

The reporter didnít seem phased, although the Ambassador was feeling rather agitated with her recent questions. She continued, "These X-men have proven that they will fight for the Empire, can we expect this of the Terran population?"

"Unfortunately, no. The X-men, it seems, are a group of outlaws in the eyes of their governments."

"Weíve had outlaws fighting for the Empire?"

"Well, according to their governments. You see, the Terran homeworld has a growing population of mutants, those born with supernatural powers. The X-men represent a team of these "mutants." This is not something every human is born with, and it appears that most Terran governments are in a quest to purify the human race of what they consider an abomination."

"Are they dangerous, these mutants?"

"Some are, yes. However, it appears that the X-men fight for a greater good."

"Is that the opinion of the Majestrix?"

"I do not claim to know the Majestrixís position on anything, other than what she has made public knowledge."

"Why would the Majestrix choose to make first contact with the Terrans now?"

"I do not know."

"Well, Ambassador, weíre going to go to a commercial break. Youíre watching Channel 5 News. Weíll be back after these announcements with more from our Terran expert."

Reia and LaiíNal both looked at Remy, wide eyed. Remy could tell Reia was full of questions for him, no doubt about humans, mutants, Charles Xavier, and the silly first contact film theyíd been broadcasting.

However, LaiíNal was looking at him in more of a severe glance. "I knew it! Youíre a spy!"


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