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Another Time, Another Place - REVIEW THIS STORY

Written by Keri Wilson
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

Chapter 3

Another Time, Another Place


Carlise, England.

"Has that mare of yours foaled yet, James?" Lord Magnus asked the young baronet who had bought the land and the title as well, two years ago. It had been part of Magnus' holdings, a small one that had been unproductive. The boy had worked wonders in two years and turned it around. James was at some point of his twenties, but Magnus didn't know exactly where.

"Not yet, within the week, likely." The tall, lean, chestnut haired man replied. Then seeing a friend excused himself politely and went toward them. Remy laughed to himself, Magnus still had no clue who his neighbour really was. The name James Dole had been an excellent cover. He had a number of other aliases as well.

Another real identity as well. The Comte de Dol of Brittany. His trip a year ago to his parent's home had been interesting. Remy had used the story that he was looking for an exceptionally fine filly for his stallion and he had heard the French ones were the best. As soon as he had stepped foot in Dol he was recognized by the locals as Jean-Luc LeBeau's son. His cousin Lapin had insisted on having him declared the official head of the family, much to his wife's irritation. There was no love lost between Belladonna and Lapin. They continually did things to irritate each other. If that had been the only intention of Lapin, Remy would have played along for a short time then refused the title. But Lapin was serious, so Remy went to Paris and officially had the old title given to him. Remy hadn't been impressed by the newly restored court of Louis XVIII. Coruption was just as rapant as he had heard it had been at Louis XVI's court, before the revolution. That woman, Candra, Remy shook his head and grinned. One of the most corrupt of the lot. And she knew a few bedroom games that even he hadn't done before. Remy grinned broadly. But she was a twisted one, far too much for his liking. He happily left her behind at her games at court. Remy told Lapin he could keep the land and the house. Remy had no intention of living in France. He had lived all his life in England. He only knew France and French ways through his parents. Lapin was overjoyed, all he had wanted was the house and the land. The title was more of an annoyance, and almost meaningless since the revolution and Napleon, even with the monarchy restored. It wouldn't be a bother for Remy though in England. Lapin knew it would in fact be an asset to his cousin there.

When Remy explained the situation and his cover story, Lapin was glad to help him on that point as well. Remy picked out a pretty filly and tried to pay his cousin the going price. Lapin at first refused to take anything since they were family, but Remy managed to persuade him to take half price. So the spirited three year filly had come back with him. That was the horse that was to be foaling any day now.

As Remy walked over to his friend Kurt Wagner, he overheard a bit of the gossip the blond man talking to Kurt was imparting.

"...ruined herself. He caught her with a stable boy. Luckily the chit didn't get with child. Lord Magnus doubts anyone will want the girl now, her dowry isn't that large. A shame really, she's a pretty one, if a bit headstrong. "

"She seemed a kindhearted maiden to me. Perhaps slightly wild, but not outrageously so." Kurt responded.

"Well it appears she's a bit too wild. I wonder who he'll end up foisting her upon, perhaps you, Wagner?"

"If I weren't already in love with my fiancee Amanda, perhaps I would ask for her, Brian."

"You are far too kindhearted, Kurt." Brian Braddock responded.

Remy had not met Lord Braddock before, but he knew that Braddock was one of Kurt's fiends. Kurt was one of the few people who could be friends with almost anyone, even someone who had a reputation of being an insufferable prig like Brian Braddock. Luckily his wife Meggan was emptyheaded, no other type of woman would have put up with him, from the gossip Remy had heard.

Kurt was one of the few people who knew more than one of Remy's identities. the two men were close friends, despite the fact Remy had briefly been a lover of Raven. Raven had slept with so many men though, it would be ridiculous to hate them just because they had been a lover of his mother's. Kurt only hated the ones he saw as evil. Remy's enemies Victor Creed and Lord Magnus were among those. Kurt wasn't too happy with his mother at times either. he did not approve of some of her methods.

"Brian, isn't this wonderful!" Brian's wife Meggan joined them. Meggan was a pretty, cheery, but vapid young woman. Brian smiled indulgently at his wife. The couple did really love each other, much to society's wonderment.

"Meggan, this is my friend Lord Kurt Wagner," Kurt bowed elegantly, "and this is Kurt's friend the - "

"Baronet James Dole." Remy supplied, as he also bowed flawlessly.

"Hello." Meggan giggled wideyed at the two men.

"Brian, still smiling at his wife said, "I suppose you want to dance with me?"

"Yes." Meggan smiled adoringly at her husband.

"Well, since I can deny my lady wife nothing, I leave you sirs."

"Goodbye!" Meggan said cheerily as she eagerly lead her husband toward the dancing couples.

Kurt said, "They' re perfect for each other."

Remy smirked, "And you don't mean that in the nicest way." They both laughed, but then Kurt looked a bit sad, It is a shame about Miss Haden."

"The ward of Lord Magnus?"

Kurt nodded his head, "He will not allow her a season now because of this, she will be closely watched until she is wed.

"If she is as spirited as the tales I've heard, she will be a major headache to Lord Magnus, and that would be a real shame." Remy grinned in clear oposition to the grave tone he spoke in.

"A real shame." Kurt smiled back.


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