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Written by Monica Tamaru
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

Chapter 10

                Loyalty. Trust. Justice. The words ran through his head. Scott Summers stared at the computer screen, but didn’t really see it. He had been there for an hour, just thinking, trying to make sense of the images that invaded his mind.

                Loyalty. He had been loyal to Xavier all his life. Xavier had been there for him when nobody else was. Xavier gave him a roof over his head, food in his stomach. More than that, he had given Scott a reason to be. Scott existed to help Xavier help kids like him. It made him feel wanted. It made everything good again. He owed his life to the man. It seemed so little to give back, his loyalty.

                Trust. He smiled ruefully. He still had never felt this, never believed it existed. He never had a connection with anyone. His coworkers were friendly, nice people, but they seemed like a different sort of people. Even Xavier. Though he admired him, Xavier always held himself above everything, everybody else. Xavier didn’t require trust, only obedience. Scott’s eyes narrowed. Now he knew why.

                One the computer screen was this information:


Alex Summers                                        Age: 25                                  Residence: San Diego, CA

Father, Christopher: deceased                Born: 2/18/54

Mother, Andrea: deceased                               Born: 5/12/55

Brother, Scott: deceased                               Born: 7/11/78


            Justice. Now he understood this. He would see justice done. Who was in the wrong, though? What was the whole truth? Scott vowed to find out as he stared at the face that was so close, yet not quite his.

                He needed someone to yell at. His position as head of the Institute didn’t allow for much in the way of personal expression, but underground, there was no need for propriety.

                “You wanted to see me, Xavier?” Erik drawled out, strolling into the war room. He was wearing a silk suit, his silver hair styled to perfection. He dropped lazily into a chair across the long table.

                “I – no – you have a problem. You see, your children have caused more problems in one week then I’ve had since the program’s inception,” Xavier said in a harsh tone. The casual indifference that Erik showed was driving him crazy.

                “I told you that they were disobedient children. They always did what they wanted, didn’t matter what their betters said.” Erik’s voice turned plaintive. Xavier wanted to smack that whining mouth. He sneered at the man.

                “When did you start abusing Jean?”

                Erik started. He lost his smile and sat a little straighter. “I only hit the girl when she deserved it. The little brat had no discipline.”

                “That’s not what I meant,” Xavier said steadily. Erik wilted slightly.

                “I don’t remember. Shortly after Lily died. Right before they left.” Xavier didn’t bother to hide the look of disgust that crossed his face. Erik wasn’t ashamed, only cautious.

                “You do realize that by pushing them out of the house, it was extremely hard to get them here and it is going to be even harder to get them to stay! They know things they shouldn’t. They are not malleable!” He was yelling now, his chest heaving with every breath. Erik tried to look contrite, but couldn’t quite pull it off. Xavier, at a loss for words glared at the man, fuming.

                Jean and Remy were trying to be perfect students. They followed the rules, they kept quiet, and they were biding their time. At lunch, they sat alone, silent.

                “Before you hear about this later and get mad at me, I left a little message for Scott,” Jean said quietly, nibbling at the roast beef sandwich. Remy rolled his eyes.

                “I don’t understand why you think he’s going to help us. He’s been with Xavier his entire life.”

                “I have a feeling…” She cut off at the sight of a very angry Scott Summers stalking across the dining hall. “Of course, I could be wrong.”

                Remy glared at her as he moved aside to make room for Scott.

                “Why the fuck would you do that?” he hissed. He was so angry his voice shook.

                “Just thought you should know. I found it on the Internet. Do a search, Scott Summers, and see what you find if you think I’m making it up. If you find you believe me, come to the library at eight tonight. We’ll talk. If you still don’t believe me, then I’ll say I’m sorry,” Jean said calmly, pitching her voice low.

                He looked uncertain. “I’ve been getting these feelings…” He abruptly stood up and stared down. “I’ll be expecting my apology tonight. You better make it good.”

                They watched as he practically ran from the room.

                “You better know what you’re doing,” Remy said, lowering his head into his arms.

                “You feel it too. Plus, we need someone higher up on our side.”

                Marie was bouncing her knee nervously as she waited in Xavier’s office. She’d been there for fifteen minutes when he finally bustled in.

                “What are – ? Oh, Marie, I’m going to have to reschedule.” He fumbled in his desk, then quickly left.

                She smiled widely. Finally her head was beginning to clear. Soon she would be out of this place.

                Xavier hurried up to the guest rooms, where he ran into Warren.

                “Oh, good. The Chief of Security has moved the meeting up, so if you could head downstairs, we will present the Legacy Virus.” He quickly informed the other members and left quickly to get things settled.

                They were getting ready to leave the cafeteria and head to class. Jean pulled on Remy’s jacket.


                “I had a dream last night?” Remy stared at her silently.

                “And you’re just telling me now?! What happened?”

                Jean shuddered as the pictures fixed themselves in her mind. “It was all jumbled up. Just pictures really. There was a cell. You were screaming, but no sound came out. I was trapped in a maze. A mummy was on fire. I kept seeing you, but couldn’t reach you. Eric held me on a leash. Blood dripping from the sky like rain.”

                “That sounds more abstract than usual.” He led her to the foot of the stairs and they sat back to back on the bottom step. His voice was serious, intense. He knew her dreams all meant something. Sometimes the images were real, other times just a metaphor. Always deadly accurate.

                “I know.” She put her hand over his and squeezed tight. Pretty soon all the halls cleared, and it was just the two of them alone in the immense hall. As Xavier looked down, a small smile played on his mouth. They looked so small. They were nothing. He was, after all, master of the house.

                Erik watched the security screens intently. He had been furious when Xavier told him that he was confined to the lower levels. Oh, he knew not to argue with him. Even when they were young, Xavier didn’t take well to being contradicted. But Erik was used to getting what he wanted. Silently he watched the video surveillance of the main hall staircase.

                Logan was watching them across the hall. Remy and Jean hadn’t moved from the spot on the bottom of the stairs. Logan didn’t like them. He absolutely hated surprises. He remembered the time when he met Xavier. His superior had put them together, and from there his future took off. They were both shrewd, calculating assholes intent on vaulting to the top. This little scheme turned into a multi-billion dollar enterprise, something that kept the usually mobile Logan in one place. Well, maybe not for long.

                Marie was nervous. She had a pass to get off grounds to tour the local college campuses. The small group of students would be out all day, unsupervised. She sighed as she ripped off the black turtleneck and settled on a soft pink blouse. Her hands were shaking. It’s been so long since she’d been in the real world. She wondered if it had gotten any kinder.

                “Come on, Marie. The cabs are here!” Theresa yelled into the room as she ran past.

                Well, here we go, she thought as she ran out of the room.

                Remy and Jean watched the kids run out the main doors to the line of cabs outside the gates. Finally, they would be alone. Since they were in the upper division classes and most of those students were gone, they had no class.

                “What are we going to do with all this extra time?” Jean said, a slight smile on her lips.

                “I have a- um, project going on. I’ll meet up with you later.”

                “Wait a second there, Rem. What are you doing?”

                “I’m just going to check something out. I’ll stay out of trouble.” He put on his best smile, hoping furiously she wouldn’t call him out on his lie.

                Jean cocked her head. He was going to be stubborn, she could tell. “Uh huh. Well, I’ll see you later then.”

                Remy squeezed her shoulder as he got to his feet. “Love ya, Jeannie.”

                She smiled. “Love ya too, Rem.”

                There she was. Marie stared at the vision all in black before making her feet move forward. The girl was busy working on her laptop as Marie walked up to her.

                “Do you have the disks?” M demanded, not bothering to look up. She hated dealing with anyone but Remy.

                “Uh huh,” Marie said with a sinking heart. There was no way Remy could like her compared to this girl. She fumbled in her pockets for the disks.

                Monet finally looked at her. Rich, chocolate brown eyes looked her over from head to toe.

                “Did you want something?” Monet said, meeting Marie’s eyes.

                Marie felt her temper rising. Who does this girl think she was anyway? Marie shook her head and headed away.

                “Hey!” Monet called out. “Tell Remy that he better not go back to check on that Starsmore kid. It means some big trouble for both him and Jean if he does.”

                Marie nodded, ice spreading through her body. “Okay, I’ll tell him.” Shit! She started to walk a little faster. It was all her fault.

                Jean was stalking the halls. With all the older kids gone into the City, the halls were eerily empty.

                “What do you think yer doing?” Logan growled. He was watching her as she studied the doors to the dorm rooms and the windows at the end of the hall.

                “Checking to make sure the building is fire safe. What are you doing? I thought you went into the City.” Jean continued to look over the building, totally ignoring him.

                “I decided that I was needed here. I don’t believe you. What are you doing?” He tensed as Jean moved closer to him.

                “I heard that a long time ago there was a fire and some kids got stuck in the building. I’m just checking things out. Luckily for you guys, everything seems to be up to code.” She started moving towards the main staircase.

                “You shouldn’t believe everything you hear.”

                “I don’t. I looked on the Internet. Amazing what you can find out. You can find anyone. Even the people who don’t want to be found. How did a former spy come to run a school?”

                He grabbed her arm and jerked her around to face him. “Information could be dangerous, little girl. Since you’ve obviously found out what you could about me, you know my talent for makin’ people disappear.”

                “Like what happened to Jonothan Starsmore and Franklin Richards?”

                “At the very least. Xavier put a safety net around you two, but he doesn’t run the whole show. One day soon yer gonna wake up and find yerself in a never ending nightmare.” He smiled grimly as he slowly walked away.

                “Not if I can get you first,” Jean said under her breath.

                “Welcome ladies and gentlemen. Today I’m going to show you what the Legacy Virus can do for this country,” Hank said, barely able to stop from hopping from one foot to the other. On the huge screen against the wall, a complex series of compounds scrolled down. “Basically, it will affect people on a genetic level, changing each person differently. The government will use it on our people, to change them in ways never conceived before.”

                Hank then brought out a jar that contained a bright blue liquid and placed it on the empty table beside him. “Just a cup of this will give the drinker powers never before experienced. Just a cup of this, and we will be unstoppable.”


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