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Written by Monica Tamaru
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

Chapter 14

Scott looked sideways at the young girl practically bouncing up and down in the passenger seat. She hadn’t been this excited since, well, ever, as far as he knew. Ever since the first report arrived a week ago, Jean had been nearly humming with anticipation. He prayed that it was no hoax.

Jean glanced at Scott. He had been there for her through the horror that followed that day. She knew that she could never explain to him the gratitude, the hope, the love in her heart for him. She knew that she would never have to.

Remy. His name echoed in her mind. And all the feelings swamped over her.

He was barely able to keep still. It had been a long two months, but he it had been necessary for him to keep away. He was too dangerous.

“Scott said that they’d be here at two,” he said crossly to the woman sitting across from him at the neighborhood Starbucks.

“Patience. He’ll get her when he gets here.” How she could be so calm, he’d never know. A faint buzzing in the back of his head alerted him to her presence. It had been there since before the incident.


--------------Two months ago---------------

And the walls came crashing down. Jean watched in terror as the building seemed to just drop down before settling in its new position. She studied the doorways and the windows for any sign of movement. She kept watching for Remy to run out and take her away. But he didn’t come. It was finally Scott who picked her up and carried her to the jeep. It was Scott laid her on the hotel bed and forced her to eat.

Jean lived from day to day away from reality. She couldn’t make things make sense. She watched the building fall. She saw no evidence of survival. She couldn’t shake the feeling – the knowledge – in the back of her head that Remy was alive. That he was coming back.

The weeks started piling up with no sign. He would never let Jean believe he was dead, so it came to reason that he was. But Jean didn’t believe. And she continued to watch the door. Until the letter arrived.


Scott watched a small smile play across her face and sighed deeply before he could stop himself. The worry that girl put him through… He couldn’t believe how quickly she became his focus. He couldn’t believe what he’d do to see her smile. He thanked the heavens and the stars that the letter had reached them before it was too late.

-------------One week ago------------

He fingered the letter warily. It was simply marked Jean, with no address or stamp. The first thing that came to mind was that Xavier or Eric or Hank had found them. He was tempted to throw the thing away. He must have stood there staring at the thing for an hour.

“Jean? This came for you, sweetie.” His voice was pitched low and soothing. She hadn’t spoken since the incident. He had tried everything.

She tore her eyes away from the window to look at what he was offering her. In truth, he expected her to whip her head around again, ignoring him and the letter. She looked at him to the envelope, back and forth, before snatching it out of his hand.

He stood bewildered as she tore into it. And laughed. She flashed him a smile so bright and threw herself at him, pulling him down on the bed. She was laughing and yelling like a madman. He couldn’t have been happier. Scott started to laugh and yell as he hugged her tight. Whatever was in the letter could wait.


He was flipping a card over the back of his hand, between the fingers. Faster and faster as his impatience grew. Sunglasses were perched on his nose despite the overcast day. A long brown trench coat was wrapped around his shoulders despite the eighty-degree weather.

Jean dashed through the door, green eyes pinning him to his chair.

“Remy!” She didn’t stop running and if Remy didn’t brace himself, they would have been sprawled across the floor.

“Hi Jeannie. How’ve ya been?” He pulled her up, and then pulled her into a bear hug.

All of his anxiousness melted away. Finally, he was complete again.

She didn’t say a word. Slowly she pulled away and ran a hand down the side of his face and slapped him as hard as she could.

“Where the fuck have you been?! You let me think for two months that you were dead! You –you…” She angrily brushed the tears from her eyes.

Remy rubbed his cheek and grabbed Jean by her arm. He led her to a couch and shoved her onto it. He was going to start yelling, but instead studied her carefully. She couldn’t stop crying and he sighed as he held her close.

“There’s been some … problems that kept me away. Listen, Jeannie, you gotta know that I would never leave you if I didn’t have to.” He took the loud wail to mean yes. “Well, there’s been some changes since everything exploded…”

----------------Two months ago-------------

Cece and Remy clawed at the door to no avail. It was locked tight. The contents of the vial had splashed all over them when it bounced against the wall, but they couldn’t be bothered with something so trivial. The danger didn’t really hit them until the explosions went off. The loud boom echoed in the tiny room. They seemed to be getting closer every second. Looking at each other with new understanding, Cece and Remy huddled together in the corner of the room waiting for the end to come.

It never did. As the explosion seemed to hit the small room, Cece had fallen on top of Remy, trying to shield his body. She couldn’t have known how well it would work. As the walls caved in, the pieces that should have crushed them both bounced away harmlessly. The harder they fell, the farther the bounced. Cece and Remy looked at each other in fear and confusion, but didn’t move until the shaking stopped. And they were able to stand unaided.

“What just happened?” Cece asked shakily. “We should be dead.”

“Um, the pieces were just bouncing off of you, like you had some sort of shield or something. Why are you looking at me like that?” Remy said, studying the surroundings in shock.

“Uh, your eyes are red.”



Jean stared at him in shock. Scott was leaning over the arm of the couch, his eyes huge with surprise. Remy sighed and pushed his sunglasses slightly down his nose.

“Cool. What else can you do?” Jean said, smiling. So it was just a little bump in the road, nothing to worry about.

“Blow things up.” His gaze was no longer fixed on Jean. He was watching Scott warily. “I don’t know how this ‘virus’ spreads, but Cece and I have stayed away from people for the last couple of months. As far as I know, you could catch it tomorrow because I breathed on you.”

Scott considered the words carefully. “I don’t think that’s how it works. If it was supposed to be a government weapon, they wouldn’t have wanted the enemy exposed so easily.”

Remy nodded. “Well, now what?”

“You’re gonna come live with us, of course,” Jean said, frowning at Remy. He seemed different. Too weary, too accepting.

“What have you heard?” Scott seemed to understand a little better.

“Xavier hasn’t been found yet. Ororo and Hank have undergone treatment. Parents across the country are in an uproar. President Kelly has lost backing. Eric’s dead.” Jean jumped. Remy merely squeezed her hand and kept going. “Logan is still MIA. There’s a warrant on your head.”

“That’s pretty good. Xavier has probably retreated to Australia to his private residence, but otherwise, I know nothing else.”

“Why don’t you tell them?”

Scott shrugged. “I still feel as if I … owe him.” Remy nodded slowly. He didn’t quite understand it, but matters of the heart were often confusing.

Cece walked over to them and laid a hand on Jean’s shoulder. Jean smiled brightly up at the woman and slowly turned around to face her.

“You are coming back with us,” Jean announced confidently. She avoided looking at her brother for her next announcement. “Marie has been moping since we left. It’s driving me nuts.”

Scott shook his head. She had her nerve!

Remy shook his head and turned to Scott. “She’s been impossible, huh?”

“Yup. She wouldn’t even speak to me. You should have seen the things I did for a smile.”

“My Jeannie has always been special. You ready to go home?”

Jean beamed at her brother despite the uncomplimentary comments.


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