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Crazy Mind, Broken Heart - REVIEW THIS STORY

Written by Nicole Wagner
Last updated: 07/09/2007 08:17:39 PM

Chapter 1

Snow… it was the last thing he remembered. Snow, white, fluffy, damp, wet snow… all around him. Nothing but the white stuff for as far as the eye could see. As a child growing up on the streets of New Orleans, he had never seen snow before. It was not until he was with the X-Men that he saw the joys and fun of the stuff… and also with the X-Men that he knew the horror and pain of it, as well.

Solitude, shame, regret… they were now woven into his memories of snow, causing it to be more of a trauma than a wonderful, happy memory. Little did Remy know that an even worse trauma was about to rip him apart, not just in the mental sense, but the physical and spiritual, as well.

First one eye opened, and then the other. His vision was so blurry at first, like when you first awaken from a long sleep. But after awhile, his eyesight started to clear up, and the sight before him wanted to make him scream.

The lab… he was back in Sinister’s Lab to be exact. But for some reason, he could not move, even with the flimsy looking restraints on his wrists and ankles, he could not move. The only thing he could move were his eyes, which moved all about the room in a panic, which just seemed to rise when he saw Mister Sinister coming over to him, that evil smirk plastered on to his face.

“I see you have finally woken up, Mister LeBeau.” Sinister smiled down at him, the kind of smile that showed all of his sharp teeth. “You are currently under a paralyzing agent, in case you have not figured that out, already. I know how you can sometimes be slow.”

His breathing began to pick up, almost to what appeared to be hyperventilating. Being stuck under a paralyzing agent was nothing… but being under a paralyzing agent in the presence of Mister Sinister? It meant you were stuck with a death wish. His eyes simply went wide, seeing Sinister putting on a surgical mask, before him. Oh God… he’s awake… he’s awake!

“Your heart is racing, Mister LeBeau. Perhaps you are not as slow as I thought.” He smiled behind his surgical mask, scalpel in hand. “You managed to tell the X-Men about how the Marduerers were gathered, about our private dealings. It makes me wonder what else you would have told them, to redeem yourself in their eyes. Perhaps you would have spoken about the other experiments I had you help me with… or perhaps the locations of my labs?” Sinister leaned in closer to Remy’s frame, he could see the terror in his eyes… the look that he wanted from the young man. “I cannot have you sing like a canary about our previous deals, Mister LeBeau. I am going to give you something to think about, the next time you feel like talking about our deals. Perhaps the scars I leave on your body will remind you of the pain you will endure, since I will not be giving you any anesthetic to lesser the pain.”

No anesthetic, no pain killers, and he’s completely paralyzed… Sinister was going to cut him open while he was conscious!! Already, Remy was screaming in his own mind, since he was unable to even do so, physically. The cold metal of the scalpel was pushed against the skin of his chest, finally puncturing his skin, which gave off a burning sensation. Tears formed at the corners of his eyes, and then fell down the sides of his head, it hurt… it hurt so bad…

“I see you have started to cry, Mister LeBeau. If I were you, I would save my tears… for this is just the beginning of your experience in pain.” Still smiling under that mask of his, Sinister continued to cut away at Remy, not just cutting flesh, but every inch of his sanity, as well.

The torture last not just hours, but days… or at least that is what it felt like. His heart had stopped four times, and Sinister brought him back every time, only to see his mutilated body. He was fortunate to pass out every so often, but when he was awake… the pain… my God, the pain! It made Sabretooth’s claws feel like a paper-cut! And as much as Remy tried to go to his “happy place” in the back of his mind, Sinister would bring him back from that, and make him regret trying to escape his torture.

Now, the torture finally was coming to a close, he could feel his flesh being stretched as Sinister began to sew up the last of the incisions he made in his body. There were so many of them… his body was now covered head to toe with scars. Scars that reminded him of every cut that Sinister made in his body, how he poked around under his flesh, even in his bones, taking samples, or just as a way of inflicting pain.

“I believe I have all the samples I will ever need from you, Mister LeBeau. It is truly a shame that these scars will ruin your handsome physic. But punishments were made to punish.” Sinister raised a blood covered gloved hand, pulling down his surgical mask, as he looked down at Remy. God… this looked like a scene from Hostel or Saw… “I’ll finally give you the bliss of being knocked out. However, this is just the beginning of your punishment for betraying me. I can only hope you’ll learn from it.”

Something cold began to rush into his veins… almost a pleasant feeling, better than being cut open while fully conscious. Soon, Remy’s eyelids began to get heavy, and it was just too difficult to keep them open, any longer.

With a low groan escaping his lips, Remy began to wake up. He could feel something bulky around his neck… a Genoshan collar, probably. Where-ever he was… they knew he was a mutant, and a threat if he even bothered to use his powers He could feel that he was laying on something soft, unlike Sinister’s lab table, and the room… it had a smell, one he often hated. A sterile, medical smell that reminded him of that mad man’s labs, as well as the medical lab Beast kept up in the mansion.

As his eyes began to open, despair began to sink in. The floor he was laying upon, the walls around the room, even the ceiling… they were all white, and padded. And those were not the only things that were white in the room. His clothing… a simple white pair of hospital issue scrubs, and his hair… it turned white. Did it turn white because he was screaming so much in fear, or did Sinister inject him with something more than medicine to knock him out?

It took him so much strength to sit up, eyeing his surroundings a bit more. Nothing sharp or pointy… so there was no chance of making a lock pick or taking out whoever ran this place. Only a small window with bars over it, and florescent lights that just seemed to flicker on the padded ceiling, like a prison. The door to the room was padded with the same material as the walls and ceiling, with a small hole on the bottom of it, and a window no bigger than 1 foot by 6 inches in the middle of it.

Already, he could hear the shuffling of footsteps walk by the door, almost like zombies from some horror film. Sinister was right… the surgery while awake was not the end of his torment, just the beginning.


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