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Written by Courtney
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

Chapter 8

Remy woke to the sound of coughing and splashing. With a quick glance to the clock, he saw that he’d been asleep for well over two hours. Fearing the worse, he jumped up and followed the sound to the bathroom. He found Rogue, choking on water. Not caring that she was bare in the tub, he stepped up and started patting her exposed back, trying not to stare at the numerous scars and still healing bruises. Taking note of it though, he patted more gently. “Y’ okay, p’tite?”

She nodded wearily, her face returning back to its normal pale, golden freckled shade. She coughed once again and sputtered up some more water. “Ah had mah head restin’ on the back an’ Ah fell asleep… when Ah fully went out Ah slid in.” She shivered, the water long since cooled down and the bubbles had dissipated as well. Her skin was still pink from the prolonged exposure to the hot water.

Remy reached up and pulled a towel off of the rack. “C’mon, let’s get y’ int’ bed.” She nodded and braced herself on the tub edges. She lifted herself up and Remy quickly wrapped the towel around her. She blushed at the action, embarrassed he’d seen her battered body. He remained quiet though, staring through her instead of at her. As if she were as brittle as the finest glass, he lifted her up and cradled her small body to his chest. He stepped out of the bathroom and carefully carried her to her bed. He lowered her down, towel and all, and pulled her blanket over her. “Y’ want me t’ get y’ some food?”

“Up ta you,” she whispered, her voice hoarse from coughing. She pulled the blanket up to her chin. Underneath the thick comforter, she peeled off the towel from her body and threw it off the bed.

“How does some pancakes wit’ eggs an’ bacon sound?”

A smile came to her face. “Sounds ver’ good.”

“I’ll be back den. Jus’ get some real sleep now.”

She nodded and sighed when the door shut behind him. Not caring to change into clothes or let alone move too much, she reached out to the end table and grabbed the TV remote. Flicking around until she found cartoons, she fell back against her pillow and fell asleep.

Remy traveled down the elevator, playing cards in hand. They were coming in very handy for his power, which seemed to be calming down as well. He hadn’t had any accidents since arriving at the hotel, but it always did like to sneak up on him at inconvenient times.

He reached the bottom and stepped off the elevator, brushing his shoulder into the arm of a young woman stepping on. He apologized to her and she nodded back with a warm smile on her face. Before the doors shut, he caught a good glimpse of her. Her soft brown hair curled around her face and sat just below her shoulders. Her eyes sparkled an innocent bluish-green; she couldn’t have been more than eighteen years old.

He walked past the lobby to the dining area. A couple of other people were in there already, including a group that he could hear talking. They had Northern accents to him, and were quite a diverse group. The man sitting next to the window had black hair, spiked up oddly. An unlit cigar hung from his stern set lips. The man sitting across from him wearing red sunglasses reprimanded him for even bringing out the cigar, motioning to the very pregnant redhead next to him. The gruff one backed down right away.

Remy walked by them, attempting not to stare, but he caught himself in the violet eyes of a young woman of Asian decent sitting next to the gruff man. She stared through his sunglasses and recoiled as if she’d been burnt by the blaze of his red eyes. “He’s a mutant,” she whispered, surprisingly in a British accent. Remy felt an odd breeze flutter over his mind, almost in the form of a purple butterfly. Suddenly, he slapped it out of his mind and the woman slammed against the back of her chair as if Remy had physically struck her.

Not wanting to find out what had just happened, Remy ran in the direction he came from. He didn’t know who these strange people were and he didn’t want to find out. He heard them yell for him to stop as he reached the elevator. He punched the ‘up’ button repeatedly, as if it would come faster if he pushed it a hundred times more than needed.

Footsteps thundered after him and Remy could only assume it was the gruff man. The one in sunglasses was probably too preoccupied with the pregnant woman and the British-Asian, if dat’s possible, was either too stunned or afraid of him now. Her running steps would have been much daintier, almost silent.

Finally the door to the elevator slid apart and Remy leapt inside. Repeating the procedure of the pushing the button for the 4th floor, he panted roughly, hoping he could make it upstairs so he could get to Rogue.

The door slid shut and as the elevator began its ascension, Remy heard the squeal of metal against metal below him. The sound made him cringe and he began to pace impatiently. The bell sounded after a long moment and he booked out of the elevator and down the hall to their room.

Halfway down, the all-too-familiar pain shot through his right hand, setting his nerves on fire. He fumbled in his pocket for the cards. One slipped out between his index and middle finger, catching the energy immediately. Once he felt the pain release, he tossed the card over his shoulder and ran the rest of the way to the room.

He swung open the door to find Rogue, dressed in fresh clothes, looking over a photograph with the same brunette he’d bumped into getting off the elevator. She looked up to him with her child-like aquamarine eyes. “I’m Kitty. We’re not going to cause you two any harm,” she stated calmly. She noted his panting and only figured Logan had chased him up. Pff, he can be so impatient sometimes.

Rogue glanced up at Remy with watery eyes. “These are the people, Remy. Look.” She held up the picture for him to see. He crossed the room and checked out the picture. It was a very young Rogue, no more than the age of three, with whom he could only assume as Kurt and her mother sitting very naturally – and blue - in front of a Christmas tree. Rogue looked very happy, almost a complete opposite of what she was now. Her skin glowed white and her hair was all a solid shade of auburn, tumbling over her shoulder in baby curls. The only thing that was the same was her eyes. They still shined like emeralds as they did now, though happiness was the most apparent thing in the photo, where as now it was hope.

“This is Kurt’s picture… he would bring it down with him when he would visit… remind me of what things used ta be like.” She held back a sob, bringing the picture to her chest and hugging it.

Just then, the door slammed open and the gruff man stood in the doorway. “Logan!” Kitty scolded. “They’re just kids, sheath your claws.”

He growled at Remy, who backed down onto Rogue’s bed. “He smells like Creed.”

“Didn’t you listen to Cyke at all during the briefing? Oh wait, you didn’t even show up until five minutes before take off,” she spat. Logan snorted and coming from his short body of 5’3’’, it was an ominous sound. “Sorry,” she added. “Rogue here is Creed’s stepdaughter, just as Kurt is. They collided with him several times yesterday.”

Rogue stared between the two of them for a moment to see if they were going to exchange any more words. “Where is Kurt?” She asked timidly.

“He’s waiting in the jet,” she smiled back at Rogue. “Would you like to see him?”

Rogue nodded happily. Kitty grinned in response and tapped her wristwatch. “She’s ready for ya, buddy.”

A second later, a cloud of pink smoke surrounded Rogue and a faint odor seeped into her nose. She beamed with joy and twisted around. “Kurt!” She squealed as she tackled him in a hug.

Remy watched wide-eyed as she hugged the blue elf with all her might. He embraced her back with blue furry arms with three-fingered hands. Kurt’s eyes blazed much like his own, except they were a solid golden yellow, no pupils in sight. A long prehensile tail squirmed under his body as Rogue held him down.

Kurt got the chance to sit up, checking out her sister’s rescuer. He took his time scrutinizing Remy and finally said, “Thank you for helping her.” He extended his hand to Remy, who cautiously took it. He’d never shaken hands with someone with three fingers before. At first glance, Kurt was scary and demon-like, but Rogue was right: he’s nothing but a harmless blue elf. He had the same happiness in his eyes that Rogue had in the Christmas photo.

The hand felt weird during the shake, but Remy didn’t dare cringe. Kurt pulled away first, smile still wide on his face. “Are we ready to go?”

“Just about,” the violet haired Asian piped up from the doorway. A smirk played at her lips. “Jean needed just one more buttered muffin before moving on.” She sauntered in, taking a seat on Remy’s bed. “You kids out did yourselves. The continental breakfast here is delish.” She crossed her legs gracefully, folding her hands on top one knee. Her outfit reflected her attitude. Tight black pants that fit her like second skin, matching black leather jacket over a lavender angora sweater. Remy couldn’t decide if he liked her yet or not.

“C’mon, you two,” Kitty said, standing up. “Let’s get ya ready to go.”

Rogue stood up after her, joining hands with Kurt. She reached her hand towards Remy. “Ta new beginnings, sugah.” She faintly smiled, happy tears taunting her eyes and threatening to fall.

He pulled off his sunglasses and looked her straight in the eyes. Kitty gasped from the intensity of them, but Rogue didn’t flinch. He took her hand as an answer. Her hand was tiny compared to him as always, but this time, an icy tingle ran over him through his nerves. It traveled like a buzzing, flowing up to his mind and then reversing… this time drawing some of him too. Rogue cried out and recoiled from both him and Kurt. Remy swayed before he hit the floor, just after Kurt.

Rogue backed up into the bed, falling over and clutching her head in her hands. A scream erupted from her throat. “What’s happenin’ ta me?!”

“Dammit,” the Asian muttered, running over to the bed. “I need Jean up here. Now!” She placed her fingertips to her temples and a purple butterfly sprouted out in psychic energy.

Kitty ran for the door, but Logan stepped in front of her. “I got ‘em. Help Betsy with anythin’ she needs.” And then he ran.

Remy’s eyes fluttered open after he hit the floor, feeling very empty inside. His eyes slinked to the bed, where he could see Rogue’s feet dangling over. He heard her screams and then Kitty jumped back at least four feet. The pillow on the bed flew over Remy’s head and hit the still swinging door, exploding on contact. Remy thought numbly to himself that he didn’t do that. Before he could question it again, feet bounded by him in blurs and stopped by the bed. Logan was back with the couple from downstairs. Another pair of sneakers touched down on the ground, previously floating.

The redhead, he now assumed her name was Jean, mirrored Betsy’s actions. Psychic fire sprawled out and touched Rogue on the bed. “Her mind is a mess,” she whispered, astonished.

“Get her off the bed,” Betsy commanded. “She’s using powers similar to what Hank explained of the boy.” Remy’s eyes shot open for that bit, but shut again with the lack of energy in his body. He managed to stay awake and listen, though a headache was beginning to thunder in his head.

“Alright, I’ve got her in a telekinetic hold. Should I just carry her like this to the jet? I’ll be able to handle it.”

“Hold on a second here. Didn’t Hank say she was only ten? Isn’t that a little early to be developing powers?”

“Scott, I manifested my powers weeks after I turned eleven,” Kitty mentioned. “Though it is odd that she developed hers a day after Remy’s… the same powers even.”

Scott sighed. “I’d hate to do tests on her to figure this out… but it’s too much of a coincidence.”

“No tests!” Rogue shrieked. Suddenly, she was gone in a puff of pink smoke.

Betsy lowered her hands from her forehead as the bitter stench of brimstone reached her nose. “Okay. Did she just use Kurt’s ability, too?” She glanced bewildered between the four fully conscious people in the room.

“Umm…” came the dumbfounded response from Kitty.

“It’s okay,” Jean whispered. She shut her eyes, concentrating. She gulped and found her voice. “I followed her mind to wherever she teleported. She’s trying to remember herself… Kitty?” She asked for the young woman with her eyes still shut, although still seeing.

“Yes, Jean?”

“She’s in the gift shop.”

“The gift shop?” Kitty questioned. It was an odd place for a distraught girl to be.

Jean nodded. “I’m seeing everything she’s seeing.” Her eyes clenched tighter, as if she were squinting to get a better look. “In the doll section.”

“I’m on it.” And she slid through the floor.

Through half-lidded eyes, Remy watched her fade out of the room. “Where she go?” He murmured.

Betsy knelt down beside him and smiled. “Just like you can charge objects and Jean and I can read minds, Kitty can walk through walls.” Her red pout never moved with a single word. Her voice echoed through his mind with the same purple haze as before as if trying to unnerve him. Her being able to speak directly into his mind was a touch unnerving. “How are you feeling? Just think it if it’s too hard to say.”

“Headache, weak… y’ have any idea what happened t’ her?” He did as she said and just thought his words.

“We think she somehow obtained your and Kurt’s powers, but we have no idea how. Do you remember anything before you hit the floor?”

Remy thought hard, and then he remembered the feeling as if it had slapped him in the face. “Like an cold chill runnin’ up my arms t’ my head… tricklin’ energy t’rough my finger tips.”

“When she took your hand?” He nodded weakly. “Hmm… that sort of adds up. For a moment we thought she’d manifested the same power as you.”

He laughed lightheartedly. “Dat’s my girl. When I tol’ her dat she could be my li’l protégé, I didn’ t’ink she’d take it so literally.” He didn’t mean to project that last part, but not knowing how to cut off his actual thoughts with a psychic, it just leaked over their connection.

She reached for his arm. “Can you stand now?” She asked with her actual voice.

“I t’ink so.” She held onto his arm and helped him steady. Kurt stirred next to the bed as well.

“Great,” Scott breathed with relief. He reached down and helped Kurt sit on the bed. He looked as dazed as Remy.

“What happened?”

Remy glanced at him and stated, half joking, the other half dead serious: “Congrats, homme. Y’ sister’s one a’ us.”


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