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Days of Future PEZent - REVIEW THIS STORY

Written by RV Bemis
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

Chapter 9

The day of Rogue and Gambit's wedding had arrived. Gambit was busy putting the finishing touches on his tuxedo. He was muy guapo and tres hot, he coulda passed for a Backstreet Boy, except he looked like a man and not a boy. "Dis es de day, Remy," he thought to himself, "I'm fin'ly gonna get de woman of my dreams..."

"Dreams are funny in that respect, LeBeau." Came a familliar voice from behind Gambit, "I think someone will achieve theirs tonight..."

"Ah shure am nervous bout this whole thing," Rogue sputtered to Jean and Ororo as they helped her into a wedding dress two sizes too small (meaning it was a size 2 instead of a size 4). "Ah mean, Ah wish the professor was here to give me away. Mah own daddy beat me half to death when he found out I was a mutant. Professor has been nearest to a father figure since then. Ah guess the Beast will have to do."

"I am most certain that Henry is overcome with joy that he will be giving you away, Rogue. But, what of your name? The Priest most certainly not call you Rogue." Ororo looked at Rogue inquisitively.

"Don't worry, Storm, everyone will finally get their chance to hear mah real name."

The trio continued trying to fit Rogue into a dress that left very little to the imagination, knowing it would be soon off on a floor somewhere in the Carribean...

"You look good Remy," Forge said to Gambit at the altar, "But why me for your best man? We haven't been the greatest friends ever you know?"

"Because Forge, I took de dispensers a long time ago. Thought dis might make up for it. Besides, who was I gonna git? Ole' Wolverine over dere?" Gambit smiled at Logan in a tuxedo and his shaggy hair.

"Good enough for me," Forge said, and then all was quiet as Lila Cheney's band (geez, no other musical X-men out there? I have to use this band? damnit.) started playing "Here Comes the Bride".

Remy turned to see Rogue. She was gorgeous. Simply put, she looked better then if she was in her skin-tight X-men outfit. Let's leave the rest to your sick imaginations.

The ceremony went quickly. It was soon to the end...

Remy LeBeau, do you take this woman to be your lawfully (since when did you obey the law?) blah blah... "I do."

And do you, Charlotte Stewart, take this man to be you... "I," Rogue started, but a loud crash came in...

"STOP DE WEDDING! DIS MAN ES NOT ME!!!" The audience turned around to see Gambit in nothing but a pair of "Hot Stuff" boxers with a full deck charged in his hands."

"Gambit," Rogue said, "if that's you, who is this?"

"Why it's none other then me, Eric Magnus Leshner, disguised as LeBeau," was all that came from the 'groom'.

"MAGNETO!!!" screamed the whole audience.

"But Eric," Rogue stammered, "Why? Why are you doing this?"

"Simply, Charlotte, because I love you. You deserve better then a weasel like LeBeau over there. Come, be my queen, and be treated accordingly!"

"Chere! Don' do it! I love you girl!"

"Ah... ah... ah don't know. Ah mean, Magneto saved me once. And ah love Remy... Ah'm so confused..." Rogue burst into tears.

"Lookit what you did, Magneto. You hurtin' her, like I have... I don' deserve de lady..." Gambit turned around to leave.

"REMY! WAIT! Rogue picked up Magneto, much to his surprised, and chucked his sorry ass half-way to Finland. "That's fer tryin' to ruin mah wedding, Eric!" Rogue turned to Gambit, "You gonna marry me or what, shugah?"

"'scuse me, chere, you kinda chucked my tuxedo wid Eric."

"It's okay, you were just gonna lose it later. 'Sides, shugah, you look kinda cute in those Hot Stuff boxers."

"Let's do it..."

"...Man and wife, now kiss the Belle." Talk about the passion. The audience cheered. They had their ceremony (for those keeping tally, Cecelia Reyes caught the bouquet, and Iceman caught the garter) and Rogue flew them her man off to the Caribbean...

By the way, Forge's gift to Remy? A rare Mickey Mouse PEZ dispenser and a

two-year supply of grape PEZ (Gambit's favorite).


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