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Remy eventually returned to New Orleans along with his brother and was wed to Bella Donna. The desire for peace, however, was not shared by all. On the wedding day, after the ceremony, Remy was challenged to a duel by Bella Donna's brother Julien. Remy outclassed Julien as a fighter and swordsman and in defending his family's honor and the marriage, the duel ended with Remy the winner and his brother-in-law dead.

Though it seemed everyone agreed that Remy fought in self defense, it was also agreed that he should be banished from the Guild in an attempt to maintain the peace between the two guilds.

Gambit accepted his family's judgement and left New Orleans as well as Bella Donna, his wife of barely a day, behind. It should be noted that although there was obvious affection and a willingness to die for each other, Gambit did not ask Bella Donna to come with him nor was there any indication that she tried to follow him on her own at that time. She did, however, resent him later for leaving without taking her with him. Gambit hoped that his life of exile would not have to tarnish Bella Donna's life or her position within the Assassin's Guild and therefore had made the difficult decision to leave alone.

Later, in Uncanny X-Men #350, Gambit mentions that he was bitter over Bella Donna's death at the time he was with Sinister, but this conflicts with her being alive in X-Men #8 and her apparent death shortly after at the hands of the Brood.

Gambit: The Hidden Years

Once Gambit left New Orleans that first time, only bits and pieces are known about his exploits before he caught up with Storm and then the X-Men. It is known that he became a master thief and is suggested that he generally stole from rich criminals and gave to the poor, like a modern day Robin Hood. He accumulated a small fortune and made some major purchases, such as a home in New Orleans' French Quarter, and has a fairly large amount of money hidden away in at least one foreign bank account.

There are hints he spent time all over the world and has a number of aliases. There are references to a run-in with the Silver Samurai and the Clan Yashida and it is obvious he has had a number of encounters with Yukio, an adventurer thief friend of both Wolverine and Storm. He once romanced a now-dead British detective named Alexandra Davies and spent time in Paris as well as traveling all over Europe with the External, Candra.

Remy, Clare and Grey CrowHe had previously met the Acolyte, Cargill, and has some type of "wanted" status with Interpol although it would seem they don't want to talk to him too badly. He had spent time at the Princess Bar in Madripoor, had interactions with bounty hunters, Spat and Grovel, and spent some time in Millstone, Arizona with a waitress named Clare De Luc and a Native American named Grey Crow (who turned out to be Scalphunter).

In a Wildcats crossover, he was even shown in a prison in South America, although it appeared he could have left anytime he wanted as he was able to remove his wrist cuffs and chains at will.

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